Marta Ganko, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP


With over 17 years’ experience in both technology delivery and privacy, Marta is a tech-informed privacy thought leader and speaker. She has inhouse operational experience at one of Australia’s largest global financial services institutions, and consulting experience running the National Privacy and Data Protection practice at Deloitte helping clients prepare privacy strategies, operating models, implementation plans and helping design and implement solutions. Prior to her career in privacy, Marta worked across many organizations, including Accenture, to help deliver business process and technology solutions by leading business analysis and testing activities.

As part of her ongoing spirit of curiosity and learning, Marta is currently studying public policy at the Australian National University to tap into a growing need for policy expertise in the privacy profession, as personal information handling practices by new technologies advance faster than regulation, triggering organizations to create new risks, issues and costs for consumers, taxpayers and economies.

Marta has served as a Board Director of IAPP ANZ, has contributed to publications such as the Privacy Law Bulletin (LexisNexis), and has been invited to speak at many conferences and webinars such as Data + Privacy Asia Pacific organized by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner in 2017.


Contributions by Marta Ganko