Cheri Lim



Chief Information Security Officer

Cheri Lim is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Temasek International Pte. Ltd. She oversees the firm’s cybersecurity strategy, defence, and technology stack. She is also responsible for the governance of IT risk management within the firm and works closely with Temasek portfolio companies and partners to champion best practices in the data security and cybersecurity space. She was previously the CISO of Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and had held various leadership and operational roles in the Ministry of Home Affairs and its agencies. As a formal cyber sector lead and regulator, Cheri had formulated and operationalized various security, data security and cyber policies as well as future defence strategies for the public sector. Cheri is also an active representative in various regional and global security forums, playing a key role in championing best practices in aviation security, facilitation, and cybersecurity.  

Cheri is currently an Executive Committee Member of the Operational Technology – Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OT-ISAC) and has extensive knowledge and experience in security policies and strategy, risk management, cybersecurity, and technology transformation. She holds a degree in Computer Science, and a Master (Cybersecurity & Technology) from Harvard Kennedy School and LKY School of Public Policy. 


Contributions by Cheri Lim

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