Nia Castelly, CIPP/E



Co-Founder, Legal Lead

Nia J.C. Castelly is the Co-founder and Legal Lead for Checks, a privacy platform from Google that leverages AI to help simplify privacy compliance for app developers. Prior to co-founding Checks, Nia was Senior Product Counsel for the Google Play store where she focused on mobile app distribution issues, platform policy and enforcement, product privacy and data protection policy. Before joining Google, Nia was a senior litigator at a number of firms in New York and Washington, focusing on IP and commercial litigation. She earned her J.D. from Columbia Law School, and worked as an information security analyst for the federal government after graduating from Spelman College.


Contributions by Nia Castelly

  • AI-Powered Privacy Compliance: The Next Frontier for Mobile Apps
    LBS Speaker at IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2023
  • Preparing for the Next Generation of AI Tech and Regulation as Privacy Pros
    Speaker at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2023
  • Privacy Through Innovation: How Checks, Powered by AI, Simplifies Compliance
    LBS Speaker at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2023