Cloud storage company offers GDPR solution

(Feb 16, 2018) In the lead up to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, cloud storage company Box is rolling out tools for users to streamline new compliance requirements, ZDNet reports. Box’s Data Processing Addendum is said to list the approved legal mechanisms for data processing and, once the self-service form is signed, can be provided to third-party auditors to verify GDPR compliance. Box is also releasing a new tool to help users prepare for the compliance requirements in cloud content management. I... Read More

Italian firm releases product aimed at simplifying GDPR compliance

(Feb 15, 2018) Fastweb has announced an integrated package of solutions for Italian businesses that aims to simplify the compliance process with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation, Telecompaper reports. The Fast GDPR Suite is said to come with full backup and disaster recovery solutions. The company said the solution “brings together the best technological and organisational tools to enable customers to easily implement the new provisions governing data transfers while ensuring the highest leve... Read More

House holds hearing on blockchain technology

(Feb 15, 2018) Speaking at a U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology hearing, IBM Fellow Jerry Cuomo advocated for government use of blockchain, Computerworld reports. Cuomo called for the government to take the lead in promoting and deploying blockchain. Cuomo did warn the government about overregulation, saying cryptocurrency does not represent the potential of blockchain. At the same hearing, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Associate Clinical Professor Aaron Wright recommended the creation ... Read More

New IAPP Privacy Engineering Section aims to support growing field

(Feb 14, 2018) This year’s Global Privacy Summit will also mark the launch of the IAPP’s brand-new Privacy Engineering Section Forum. Taking place March 29, the forum will bring together tech-focused privacy pros for an information-packed half-day of targeted programming and networking. Omer Tene, the IAPP’s chief knowledge officer, said, “Privacy and data protection touch every organizational process, from product architecture and design through sales and marketing to corporate ethics and legal compliance. Th... Read More

Tech company develops facial recognition 'firewall'

(Feb 14, 2018) As companies move to protect databases ahead of the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation, Tel Aviv–based startup D-ID announced it has developed a "firewall" to block facial recognition and expects to launch a product by the end of May, Reuters reports. The technology alters stored pictures so they are able to escape detection by facial recognition algorithms. Recognizing that this could present an obstacle to law enforcement agencies in their ability to locate potential suspects, D-ID... Read More

New project aims to develop sharing infrastructure for researchers

(Feb 13, 2018) Researchers at Penn State University are working to develop a sharing infrastructure that would allow researchers to access and analyze relevant health data without putting sensitive patient data at risk, FierceHealthcare reports. Vasant Honavar, project lead and a professor at the school's College of Information Sciences and Technology, explained, "You can build these predictive models that can be used to personalize interventions and improve health. ... However, this is hard to do if each rese... Read More

Colorado lawmakers push to adopt blockchain

(Feb 12, 2018) A bipartisan bill proposing the use of blockchain technology for governmental data security was introduced in the Colorado Senate last week, StateScoop reports. Sumana Nallapati, Colorado’s secretary of technology and state chief information officer, said, “To be an early adopter of blockchain, our hope is that it will allow Colorado to shape the industry by offering lessons learned, creating jobs, and providing better services to our customers.” Colorado is the latest state to introduce such le... Read More

New tool uses AI to automatically read privacy policies

(Feb 9, 2018) Researchers from Switzerland's Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne, the University of Wisconsin and the University of Michigan have developed a new tool designed to read privacy policies for users, Wired reports. Polisis is a website and browser extension designed to use machine learning to automatically examine an online service’s privacy policy. Within 30 seconds, Polisis can offer a user a readable summary of a privacy policy, tell a user what data the service collects and where it co... Read More

European Commission outlines blockchain development plans

(Feb 9, 2018) The European Commission outlined several of its efforts to develop a common approach on blockchain technology for the European Union. Among the projects are the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, which will map blockchain initiatives in Europe and monitor trends with the technology, and calls for a feasibility study to determine whether there is an opportunity for an EU Blockchain Infrastructure. The European Commission also plans to examine the potential for blockchain to help improve Europea... Read More

Companies look to employ blockchain technology

(Feb 8, 2018) L.L. Bean is set to test a combination of blockchain and internet-of-things technology to gather data about how customers are using their products, The Wall Street Journal reports. The plan will be to sew in sensors that will send data to the Ethereum blockchain platform, where it will be tracked and analyzed to help the company understand the life span of the product. Meanwhile, a new white paper details a proposal from Nebula Genomics, where it would also employ a blockchain-enabled platform b... Read More