Privacy tech vendors to integrate data-discovery platforms

(Feb 14, 2019) OneTrust announced the launch of its OneTrust Data Discovery Partner Program, integrating solutions with partners such as BigID, Dataguise, IBM Security and Varonis. The program is designed to allow customers to input data discovery scans into the OneTrust Data Inventory & Mapping Solution. Once imported, the integration between OneTrust and its partners is designed to give its customers “more technical integrations to maintain and automate their records of processing activities.”Full Story... Read More

Microsoft announces new health care tools

(Feb 12, 2019) FierceBiotech reports on Microsoft’s new suite of capabilities to its cloud network offerings and communication tools aimed at addressing the needs of the health care industry and access to medical records. Through partnerships with interoperability providers, Microsoft announced features of the Teams app, its priority notification feature for users, and an artificial intelligence–powered virtual assistant chatbot at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference. The compa... Read More

Startup aims to place all DSARs in one spot

(Feb 8, 2019) Jonathan Broder has heard plenty of anecdotes about the ways companies use information, and while he acknowledged most data use is on the up and up, it still felt a little too invasive for his taste. Broder found the gears in his head start to spin once he was introduced to the concept of data subject access requests, and it ultimately led to the creation of Privsee, a solution designed for data subjects and companies to address all DSARs in one location. IAPP Associate Editor Ryan Chiavetta, CI... Read More

This startup seeks to put DSARs under one roof

(Feb 8, 2019) Jonathan Broder has heard plenty of anecdotes over the years about the ways companies use data, and those conversations have amplified since the EU General Data Protection Regulation made its way onto the scene. While Broder acknowledged most data use is on the up and up, it still felt a little too invasive for his taste. The former founder and CEO of VortexLegal found the gears started to spin in his head once he was introduced to the concept of data subject access requests. “Once I learned a... Read More

Google offers Password Checkup service

(Feb 7, 2019) Google introduced a new Chrome Extension called Password Checkup to automatically check whether a user’s passwords were exposed in a data breach, The Verge reports. The service will check any login details against a database of approximately 4 billion usernames and passwords, alerting users to any match. The article explains that passwords in the database are stored in a hashed and encrypted form, and warnings are local to a user’s machine. Full Story... Read More

ICO releases discussion paper, survey for regulatory sandbox

(Feb 6, 2019) The U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office has released a discussion paper and “intention to apply” survey for its proposed regulatory sandbox. The agency has worked to develop the systems and functions needed to launch the beta phase of the sandbox. While it is in the midst of development, the ICO published the sandbox discussion paper to explain to potential participants how the regulator expects the sandbox to work in practice. The ICO also opened its “intention to apply” survey to give poten... Read More

OneTrust launches CCPA solution

(Feb 5, 2019) OneTrust announced the launch of a new solution to help companies operationalize the impending California Consumer Privacy Act, which will take effect in January 2020. The new service will offer a CCPA research and readiness portal, privacy management software, professional services, and a range of community opportunities to connect with privacy professionals working toward CCPA compliance. “While many companies spent months or even years preparing for the [EU General Data Protection Regulation]... Read More

La ADIP presenta el Plan Digital de la Ciudad de México

(Feb 5, 2019) El pasado 14 de enero, la Agencia Digital de Innovación Pública de la Ciudad de México –órgano de reciente creación-, presentó el Plan Digital de la Ciudad de México, mismo que consta de, entre otras, las siguientes acciones: (1) la creación de un registro digital del uso que se da al dinero público, (2) la migración de trámites a una plataforma digital y (3) la creación de una ventanilla única para quejas ciudadanas. El Plan Digital tiene como finalidad acercar el gobierno a la ciudadanía –part... Read More

Firefox update offers new privacy features

(Jan 30, 2019) Mozilla’s recent release of Firefox 65 offers new privacy features, providing users with controls for managing privacy settings, introducing "standard," "strict" and "custom" privacy settings, CNET reports. The settings are intended to manage how browsers manage user content, including tracker software and cookies. Selecting "standard" blocks tracking in private tabs, while "strict" will block tracking in all windows. The update also includes added support for Google’s WebP image format, Apple’s... Read More

Privacy products you may want to know about: January/February

(Jan 29, 2019) Tech solutions are increasingly a part of a privacy pros’ purview. Here’s a look at a crop of new privacy- and security-based tools that should perhaps be on your radar. Want your product featured? Email Molly Hulefeld at BIA Digital forensics and eDiscovery service provider BIA has released a new service designed to help identify personal and sensitive data compromised in a data breach, according to a news release. BIA President and CEO Brian Schrader said, "There’s a si... Read More