New app eases management of privacy across platforms

(Apr 17, 2019) Fast Company reports on Jumbo, a new iOS app that allows a user to alter privacy settings for various accounts using one interface. Right now, the app can set Facebook privacy settings and clear Google search history and voice recordings from Amazon's Alexa. The privacy-setting capabilities will extend to Twitter, Instagram and Amazon this summer. Jumbo CEO Pierre Valade said his company will not have access to the accounts of those using the new app as all processing is done on users' phones an... Read More

New IoT monitors smart device connections

(Apr 12, 2019) Princeton University is offering a new internet-of-things monitor that divulges what connections a user's mobile device is making, Gizmodo reports. In addition to identifying what and who the devices are connecting with, the Princeton IoT Inspector reveals how active devices are, but it will not analyze other people's devices or computers connected to the same network. The tool will gather data about your devices in a Princeton database and use it for an academic report, but that data will then ... Read More

Help us benchmark privacy tech adoption

(Apr 11, 2019) As privacy tech continues to proliferate and embed itself in day-to-day privacy functions in the enterprise, the IAPP, together with TrustArc, seeks feedback to better understand how privacy pros are adopting the privacy tech tools outlined in our Privacy Tech Vendor Report. This year’s survey builds on a similar one we did last year looking at how privacy tools are acquired and deployed. Now, with obligations that both the EU General Data Protection Regulation and California Consumer Privacy Ac... Read More

Google to update DLP software

(Apr 11, 2019) Wired reports that Google is rolling out a new interface for its Data Loss Prevention service that will make the privacy tool easier for inexperienced users to manage. DLP started as a program that scans data for vulnerability relating to the unintentional exposure of sensitive information. After evolving into a cloud privacy service in 2017, DLP now edits a company’s data in a way that protects identifiable information from being leaked due to platform misconfigurations. “In order to really pro... Read More

Firefox tests new features as part of continued user privacy overhaul

(Apr 10, 2019) The Verge reports Firefox is testing a new feature that will keep websites from tracking users through their browsers via fingerprinting. Additionally, the browser is adding measures to block cryptocurrency-mining scripts that can extract digital currency by compromising a computer's resources. The added security goes along with Mozilla's new focus on user privacy, which users first saw in January when Firefox 65 was released with its new privacy features. The Verge also reports on Jumbo, a new ... Read More

CCPA assessment tool helps organizations gauge readiness for upcoming law

(Apr 9, 2019) Privacy professionals have plenty of work to do before the California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect Jan. 1, 2020. As preparation for the Golden State’s privacy law ramps up, Orrick has launched its CCPA Readiness Assessment Tool to help organizations assess just how ready they are for the upcoming rules. Orrick Privacy and Cybersecurity and Practice Group Co-Head Heather Egan Sussman, CIPP/US, discusses the best ways for privacy professionals to use the tool and how Orrick was able to dr... Read More

This assessment tool aims to help determine CCPA readiness

(Apr 9, 2019) The Mamas and the Papas were famously “California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day,” but Jan. 1, 2020, plenty of privacy professionals will face the reality of the California Consumer Privacy Act. As preparation for the Golden State's privacy law ramps up, Orrick has launched a free tool to help organizations assess just how ready they are to take on the CCPA. Orrick’s CCPA Readiness Assessment Tool consists of five sections with questions covering the Scope of the CCPA, Notice to California Res... Read More

Se pone a disposición herramienta para documentar las medidas de seguridad que ayudan a minimizar las vulneraciones de datos personales

(Apr 8, 2019) El Instituto Nacional de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos Personales (INAI) puso a disposición de los responsables del tratamiento de datos personales, del sector público y privado, la herramienta informática Evaluador de Vulneraciones con el fin de registrar y documentar las medidas de seguridad existentes y faltantes dentro de una organización que ayuden a minimizar la ocurrencia y el impacto de vulneraciones a la seguridad de los datos personales. La herramienta cu... Read More

Startup seeks to help users understand data use, privacy policies

(Apr 5, 2019) Privacy startup Transcend received $3.95 million seed funding from venture capital firm Accel, Business Insider reports. The new program sets out to help users understand how companies use and track their data. Users can plug an app into Transcend, which will then gather information about the app's privacy policies. "To the actual users of the technology, they're given an impenetrable wall of legal text. Privacy policies are the most unusable thing on the internet … We present things in a TLDR f... Read More

Kaspersky to issue 'stalkerware' alerts to Android users

(Apr 4, 2019) In an effort to boost Android security against "stalkerware," Kaspersky Lab is set to alert users of the malware's presence on their phone, Motherboard reports. “We decided to review how our own products treat such software. As a result, we now flag commercial spyware with a specific alert which warns users of the dangers stalkerware poses,” Kaspersky Security Researcher Alexey Firsh said in a news release. Kaspersky found stalkerware on 58,487 Androids last year using its antivirus software. A ... Read More