NIST publishes guidance on privacy-preserving federated learning systems

(May 6, 2024) The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology published guidance on privacy-preserving federated learning systems that are vertically partitioned. ... Read More

Maximize impact by streamlining consent & subject requests with Microsoft Priva

(Apr 23, 2024) Read More

Op-ed: Global Privacy Control restricts consumers' need for tailored ads

(Apr 22, 2024) In an op-ed for AdExchanger, Neolaw co-founder and Privacy Lawyer Andy Hepburn, CIPP/US, said the Global Privacy Control that allows consumers to opt out of ... Read More

Apple expected to launch iOS 18 with AI functions 

(Apr 16, 2024) Apple is expected to launch its iPhone iOS 18 update with artificial intelligence functions that do not use cloud processing technology, Forbes reports. ESET... Read More

DuckDuckGo to release privacy tool; Proton acquires Standard Notes

(Apr 11, 2024) DuckDuckGo will launch a privacy tool that can ask websites to delete consumers' personal data from "people-search websites," Wired reports. Meanwhile, priva... Read More

Mastercard releases privacy-enhancing technologies guide

(Apr 11, 2024) Mastercard released information on privacy-enhancing technologies and shared the importance of using PETs to mitigate security risks in the financial industr... Read More

MeitY establishes working groups for anonymization, IoT

(Apr 9, 2024) India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology convened five working groups to develop guidelines for data anonymization standards, Internet of T... Read More

NIST publishes guide to distribute input data within PPFL systems

(Mar 25, 2024) The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology released a blog discussing how to distribute input privacy in privacy-preserving federated learning s... Read More

Vero, Privacy4Cars collaborate on automotive data protection program

(Mar 13, 2024) Vero and Privacy4Cars announced collaboration on an anti-theft and data deletion program, Identi-FI, to protect automotive consumers' personal data. Identi-F... Read More

Startup provides AI voice anonymization technology 

(Mar 12, 2024) France-based startup Nijta aims to protect biometric data collected through artificial intelligence with voice anonymization technology, TechCrunch reports. ... Read More