Third EU-US Trade and Technology Council summit set for Dec. 5

(Nov 21, 2022) The next EU-US Trade and Technology Council summit is scheduled for Dec. 5, Euractiv reports. The two sides will discuss a joint roadmap for addressing artif... Read More

Credit reporting agency tests token-based privacy technology

(Nov 21, 2022) Credit reporting agency TransUnion is testing token-based technology to encrypt customers' sensitive data so it is not visible when a third party requests a ... Read More

Consumer Reports Innovation Lab launches app for Data Rights Protocol

(Nov 18, 2022) The Consumer Reports Innovation Lab is launching a testing application for the Data Rights Protocol, an open standard for exchanging data rights requests to ... Read More

Data transfers: Could a technical solution be the future?

(Nov 16, 2022) International data transfer regulation is rooted in heavy manual processes and paperwork. It impacts business decisions an... Read More

UK, US announce initial PETs contest winners

(Nov 11, 2022) The U.K. and U.S. governments jointly announced initial winners in the U.S.-U.K. prize challenges on privacy-enhancing technologies. Twelve of 76 entries mov... Read More

Roundup: Australia, Germany, US and more

(Oct 31, 2022) In this week’s global legislative roundup, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner is expected to receive an increase of AU$5.5 million in fund... Read More

Mobile app privacy 'nutrition labels' often 'inconsistent' with app privacy notices

(Oct 26, 2022) So-called mobile application “privacy nutrition labels,” created by Apple and Google, “too often seemed inconsistent with information in the apps' privacy po... Read More

Guidance regarding methods for De-identification of Protected Health Information in accordance with HIPAA Privacy Rule

(Oct 25, 2022) This guidance page, published by The Office for Civil Rights, solicited input from stakeholders with practical, technical and policy experience in de-identif... Read More

Cybersecurity startup receives investment funds to stop human error in breaches

(Oct 19, 2022) A London-based cybersecurity startup hopes to take human error out of data breaches, Reuters reports. OutThink announced it raised $10 million in early-stage... Read More

Security firm launches 'Do Not Track Kids' app

(Oct 18, 2022) Gizmodo reports U.S.-based security firm Disconnect released its "Do Not Track Kids" tool, which provides children's privacy education while simultaneously b... Read More