Op-ed: 2019 may be the year for student data privacy legislation

(Dec 12, 2018) In an op-ed for EdSurge, PlayWell Founder Linnette Attai writes that industry and education institutions have realized there is much to be done on student data privacy legislation and that 2019 may be the year for renewed activity. Attai notes that as anticipation grows for federal privacy legislation, lawmakers are increasingly focused on protecting the privacy of people under 16. She also points to the fact that there is a growing awareness of responsible data collection. Finally, Attai highli... Read More

Op-ed: How Congress helped shape the end of privacy

(Dec 5, 2018) In an op-ed for The New York Times, Margaret O’Mara reflects on how Congressional choices from the 1960s helped shape the end of privacy. As the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to question Google CEO Sundar Pichai over the company’s alleged algorithmic bias, O’Mara writes, “Understanding how American lawmakers approached these issues in the past is essential to getting it right this time.” She added that as Congress now grapples with how to balance privacy with the flow of information, “C... Read More

How US privacy opinion is reflective of a growing awareness

(Nov 30, 2018) Law.com reports on how the American perception of privacy is reflective of a larger global consensus on privacy and data protection that has shifted toward a growing awareness. A 2018 global consumer trust report released by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum compiled results from across 10 markets worldwide to find that 68 percent of respondents believed it is important to know how their personal data is used, and 97 percent responded they believe they have legal rights when it comes to their own perso... Read More

Op-ed: Ontario needs stronger laws to protect privacy

(Nov 30, 2018) In an op-ed for the Toronto Sun, Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs Chair Stephen Crawford explains why Ontario citizens need stronger laws to protect their privacy. Crawford writes citizens have embraced digital banking, and, in order for the marketplace to thrive, proper laws are needed to keep confidence high and allow Ontario’s economy to grow. Crawford writes it is why he introduced the Safeguarding our Information Act, 2018, which would prevent government agencies from gath... Read More

Wheeler takes issue with FTC's NTIA comments

(Nov 29, 2018) In an article for The Brookings Institution, former Federal Communications Chairman Tom Wheeler writes about his issues with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s comments to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. Wheeler focuses on the FTC’s stance that the ability for consumers to opt out of online advertising would result in the “loss of advertising-funded online content.” Wheeler writes the FTC misses the point, as opt-outs are more about users having control over what... Read More

How auditing algorithms can help transparency

(Nov 29, 2018) An article in the Harvard Business Review suggests that one way to ensure algorithms deliver unbiased decisions is to explore the possibility of engaging an auditing system to verify specific considerations, such as transparency, fairness and competency. As algorithmic decision-making and artificial intelligence take a greater hold of decision-making environments, the authors write that its impact becomes societal. They note that much like companies use auditing to shed light on internal operati... Read More

Op-ed: Privacy, data security concerns could impact tech stock prices

(Nov 28, 2018) In an op-ed for CNBC, Tim Seymour and Ryan Dodd write about the impact privacy and data security concerns may have on tech companies’ stock prices. Stories about disclosures from major tech companies have raised concerns from investors, and recent developments had turned cyber risk into a serious business risk. “2018 represents the evolution of technology and cyber risk from the story of lost customer data, embarrassing public disclosures and the occasional firing of the C-suite,” Seymour and Do... Read More

A privacy pro's first-hand account of Privacy Shield's annual review: A Q&A

(Nov 27, 2018) Last month, the European Commission and U.S. Department of Commerce held their second annual joint review of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework in Brussels, Belgium. Harry Valetk, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, a member of Baker McKenzie’s Privacy and Cyber Security Practice Group, was invited to Brussels by the Commerce Department to share his expertise with the European Commission on the trans-Atlantic data-transfer agreement. In this Q&A with Privacy Perspectives, Valetk shares some of his firs... Read More

Perspective: Can FTC consent orders effectively police privacy?

(Nov 27, 2018) The New York Times recently reported on how Facebook "failed to police how its partners handled user data." Embedded in the article, however, were some details about the company's 2011 consent order with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and, according to Center for Democracy & Technology Policy Counsel Joseph Jerome, CIPP/US, "it should be acknowledged that the order's continued inadequacy creates a bigger issue for the FTC." In this post for Privacy Perspectives, Jerome ponders if traditi... Read More

Organizations pen letter of opposition to CLOUD Act provision

(Nov 27, 2018) Responding to a potential agreement that would empower British law enforcement with broad access to data held by U.S. technology companies, nine organizations sent a letter of opposition to the U.S. Department of Justice, The Intercept reports. The potential agreement is reported to stem from the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act, which was signed into law by U.S. President Donald Trump in March. Signatories to the letter include the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Human Rights Watch, A... Read More