AWS to open Italian data centers in early 2020

(Nov 15, 2018) Amazon Web Service announced it plans to open data centers in Italy in early 2020. Italy becomes the sixth region AWS will occupy in Europe, joining France, Germany, Ireland, the U.K. and Sweden, which will open up later this year. The AWS Europe (Milan) Region aims to allow Italian users to store data within the country and will help with EU General Data Protection Regulation compliance efforts. "We've been amazed with how Italian companies have invented on top of AWS thus far, but believe an A... Read More

Facebook says careful consideration would be needed to join Chinese market

(Nov 15, 2018) CNN Business reports Facebook, which has been banned in China since 2009, said that “no decisions have been made around the conditions under which any possible future service might be offered in China.” Facebook’s comments were made in written response to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee and come as internet companies wrestle with how to engage the restrictive Chinese market. The company added that as a member of the Global Network Initiative, any decision would require “rigorous human rig... Read More

Internet Association opens London office

(Nov 15, 2018) As the U.K. moves to strengthen data privacy laws, Wired reports the Internet Association, a lobbying firm whose roster of representation includes Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon, is opening an office in London. The firm also released a 12-page paper where it touted stats supporting the economic achievements of the industry in the U.K. and released a recent survey that found 82 percent of respondents believed the internet makes their lives easier and more enjoyable. Daniel Dyball, executive... Read More

Researchers: EU startups see decline in funding since GDPR

(Nov 15, 2018) A working paper published by researchers from the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Maryland found European startups have received less funding than their U.S. counterparts since the EU General Data Protection Regulation went into effect, Bloomberg Opinion reports. The researchers took data from Crunchbase published between July 2017 and September 2018. The paper states EU and U.S. startups had similar investment numbers until May 2018, when EU investments started to drop. T... Read More

Data brokers going straight to patients for their data

(Nov 15, 2018) Data brokers have begun to bypass health care organizations when they attempt to get patient information by going straight to patients themselves, FierceHealthcare reports. While patients can share their information directly with brokers for monetary compensation, the data is then outside of the patient-provider relationship and no longer covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Privacy advocates believe Congress should pass new laws to address this dynamic. "I have ha... Read More

Survey: GDPR becomes top hurdle in EMEA M&A deals

(Nov 13, 2018) A survey conducted by the Merrill Corporation found the EU General Data Protection Regulation has become the top hurdle for mergers and acquisitions within Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Of the 539 M&A professionals in the EMEA region, 55 percent said the GDPR was the biggest obstacle for potential deals, as concerns surround the compliance status and data protection practices of target companies. To further complicate potential deals, 66 percent of participants state the GDPR will make... Read More

Marketers seek shared liability with third parties due to GDPR

(Nov 9, 2018) With the EU General Data Protection Regulation in effect, marketers seek to share liability with third-party vendors for potential violations, The Wall Street Journal reports. Marketers hope to have the third parties shoulder any GDPR penalties, not only because of the large monetary fines but also for their brand’s reputation. A marketing executive at one large company said it did business with one vendor if it agreed to pay more than $15 million in fines if they were involved in a data breach ... Read More

GDPR has had notable impact on cyberinsurance marketplace

(Nov 9, 2018) BankInfoSecurity interviewed Zurich Insurance Senior Cyber Underwriter Thomas Clayton about the impact the EU General Data Protection Regulation has had on the cyberinsurance marketplace. Clayton said the GDPR has been a “massive concern and a big peril” for his company’s customers. Since it has gone into effect, Clayton’s company has seen “a big uptick in claims and the costs associated with breach notifications.” Clayton adds Zurich Insurance has interacted with regulators on behalf of the com... Read More

RADAR partners with Vista to expand and accelerate operations

(Nov 9, 2018) In a news release, incident response management company and software-as-a-service solution provider RADAR announced it received a strategic investment from Vista Equity Partners, helping to expand operations and accelerate innovation. The investment comes from Vista’s Endeavor Fund, which invests in emerging high-growth companies to provide them with capital and resources to help advance a company’s mission. RADAR CEO Mahmood Sher-Jan said, "With Vista's support, we will accelerate our growth an... Read More

Babel Street announces new platform for businesses

(Nov 9, 2018) Multilingual data discovery and analysis software platform Babel Street announced the launch of Babel for Business, aimed to help companies harness publicly available information across languages. The news release states the cloud-based platform compiles a “massive amount of information in real time into one easy to navigate user-interface, allowing corporations to view and filter it on a single pane of glass.” Babel Street CEO Jeffrey Chapman said, “Babel for Business gives corporations the ben... Read More