Insurance companies form strategic partnerships for cyber policies

(Jun 12, 2018) As insurance providers clamor to fill marketplace demand for cyberinsurance policies, security ratings firms have found themselves to be a key partner in helping cultivate informed policies, Dark Reading reports. One such firm, SecurityScorecard, provides underwriters with a view into a client's’ security posture, correlated to a risk rating. Analyzing security health across significant categories of risk, Aleksandr Yampolsky, co-founder and CEO at SecurityScorecard, said, "We can't predict when... Read More

EU considering $10.8B budget to bolster tech innovation

(Jun 7, 2018) The European Commission announced the European Union is considering a $10.8 billion budget to bolster tech innovation within the member states, the Observer reports. The budget would go toward five areas, including creating data infrastructure systems to support various industries, developing artificial intelligence, boosting cybersecurity, digitizing government agencies, and promoting digital literacy, the last of which will be helped by $820 million of the proposed budget, according to Europea... Read More

CrowdStrike launches data breach warranty up to $1M

(Jun 6, 2018) Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike announced it is launching a new data breach warranty with its software, ZDNet reports. If a company suffers a data breach using CrowdStrike’s endpoint security software, the firm will allow the entity to claim up to $1 million in coverage. The warranty will be offered on a yearly basis, and pre-existing data breaches will not be covered. "Other industries have long offered product warranties to assure customers that the products they purchase will function as adver... Read More

Microsoft announces plans to acquire GitHub

(Jun 5, 2018) Microsoft announced plans to acquire software development platform GitHub for $7.5 billion, Yahoo Finance reports. Microsoft Corporate Vice President Nat Friedman will become GitHub CEO, while Chris Wanstrath, GitHub’s current CEO, will become a technical fellow at Microsoft, working on strategic software initiatives. Wanstrath wrote on the GitHub blog that Microsoft and GitHub "both believe that software development needs to become easier, more accessible, more intelligent, and more open, so mo... Read More

Data controllers taking on GDPR-compliance responsibilities

(Jun 1, 2018) With the EU General Data Protection Regulation now in effect, larger companies are taking charge of ensuring the compliance of others, Quartz reports. Data Compliance Europe Director Simon McGarr said large data controllers will require data processors to be compliant with the GDPR or risk losing their business. Data processors will end up competing with other processors, earning their contracts based on their compliance status. Once the initial GDPR fervor dies down, privacy professionals do no... Read More

Google seeing success in the early days of GDPR

(May 31, 2018) The Wall Street Journal reports on Google reaping the benefits of the early days of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Google has seen an increase in spending with the tool it uses to sell targeted online ads, called DoubleClick Bid Manager. Smaller firms have not been able to keep up with Google’s tool, mainly due to the fact the tech company has been able to gather user consent for targeted advertising at a far higher rate than its competitors. “It’s a huge advantage for Google’s ad ex... Read More

Philippines NPC calls for increased participation in Privacy Awareness Week

(May 24, 2018) The Philippines National Privacy Commission is calling for business, government and civil society organizations to take part in the upcoming Privacy Awareness Week 28 to 31 May. Privacy Commissioner Raymund Enriquez Liboro is advocating for the increased participation following its decision to suspend the Jollibee Foods Corp platform until it addressed its security vulnerabilities. The event is expected to attract 2,000 data protection officers. “There’s no better time than today to combat the g... Read More

Cyberinsurance becoming more popular as GDPR arrives

(May 22, 2018) Reuters reports on the increase of cyberinsurance ahead of the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. More than 70 entities are offering cyberinsurance in the Lloyd’s of London commercial insurance market. In an emailed statement, Lloyd’s CEO Inga Beale said the total for gross written premiums for European cyberinsurance could be more than $2 billion annually by 2020 due in part to the GDPR. Betterley Risk Consultants found less than one-tenth of cyber market premiums went... Read More

Privacy tech can assist with GDPR compliance, but with some risk

(May 21, 2018) The Wall Street Journal reports on the need for privacy technology ahead of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. “We’re seeing a huge development in privacy tech as a direct result of the GDPR,” said IAPP Europe Managing Director Paul Jordan. A survey conducted by the IAPP and Ernst & Young found more than half of the 600 privacy professionals polled said they would invest in tech to help their GDPR compliance efforts. While technology can assist in those practices, privacy professiona... Read More

TrustArc, RADAR CEOs discuss strategic partnership

(May 18, 2018) The EU General Data Protection Regulation is staring everyone in the face. The countdown to implementation day is now in the single digits, and everyone is currently waiting to see what happens when May 25 comes and goes. While organizations around the world prepare for the rules, a pair of major players has joined forces to help those worried about not only complying with the GDPR but everything beyond it, as well. TrustArc and RADAR have announced a strategic partnership aimed at simplifying c... Read More