Nova Scotia transportation department will not fulfill Tully's request on ferry operator's fees

(Jan 18, 2019) The Nova Scotia Opposition Progressive Conservatives party wrote in a letter the Transportation Department will not fulfill a request made by Privacy Commissioner Catherine Tully on the management fees and bonuses paid to the private operator of a ferry that travels from Yarmouth to Maine, the Vancouver Sun reports. Deputy Minister Paul LaFleche said the department has no plans to honor Tully’s inquiry. “There is a legitimate public interest in protecting the confidential commercial information ... Read More

Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for federal US privacy law, data broker crackdown

(Jan 17, 2019) Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterates the need for a federal U.S. privacy law and calls for a crackdown on data brokers in a piece he wrote for Time. Cook writes a federal privacy rule should not only give data rights back to the consumer, but also take aim at data brokers that often conduct deals with companies to obtain information without consumer consent. Cook believes the Federal Trade Commission should create a “data-broker clearinghouse” to place more transparency into the brokers’ practices. “Me... Read More

Huawei would refuse government data request

(Jan 16, 2019) According to Huawei CEO and Founder Ren Zhengfei, the company will not create backdoor access for the Chinese government to access customer data, CNBC reports. Zhengfei also stated that the company has not received a data request from the Chinese government. Stating a commitment to cybersecurity and privacy protections, Zhengfei said, “China’s ministry of foreign affairs has officially clarified that no law in China requires any company to install mandatory [backdoors]. Huawei and [I] personally... Read More

AI to become 'less artificial and more intelligent'

(Jan 15, 2019) An article for the Harvard Business Review looks at the expected trend of artificial intelligence capabilities over the next several years, noting that for those looking at how to invest, it is important to realize that AI will become “less artificial and more intelligent.” The authors write that this approach will mimic human intelligence and require less big data. They write that the transition to a “top-down reasoning” approach that helps enable a broad application of AI will aid in “creating... Read More

Report finds blockchain has yet to become a game-changer

(Jan 9, 2019) In a recent report for McKinsey & Company, “Blockchain’s Occam problem” found that the technology has “yet to become the game-changer some expected,” Forbes reports. The report notes that while the technology has the “potential to revolutionize business processes,” there is concern surrounding the amount of money and time invested, with little substance to show. The authors note, “Companies set on taking blockchain forward must adapt their strategic playbooks, honestly review the advantages ... Read More

Former Facebook employee reportedly joins Apple

(Jan 9, 2019) According to those familiar with the matter, Apple has recruited Sandy Parakilas to join its privacy team as a product manager, the Financial Times reports. Previously, Parakilas monitored software developers’ privacy and policy compliance at Facebook, warned of potentially damaging consequences of the company’s data-sharing policies, and gave evidence at the U.K. Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee where he stated the company’s data protection policies were “far outside the... Read More

Protenus, RADAR announce strategic partnership

(Jan 8, 2019) Health care compliance analytics company Protenus has announced it has formed a strategic partnership with incident response platform RADAR. According to a news release, the partnership aims to help health care organizations detect and assess risks associated with privacy and security events. "Protenus and RADAR share a commitment to applying advanced technology to solve complex problems related to patient data privacy and security," RADAR CEO Mahmood Sher-Jan said. Protenus Vice President of Bu... Read More

Forecast for data-driven businesses in 2019

(Dec 18, 2018) As 2018 comes to a close, an article for Forbes reflects on the accomplishments of the year, as well as the emerging areas of focus for data-driven businesses in 2019. Among the topics, the article includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing and cybersecurity as some of the areas that have dominated 2018. It also notes that data ethics emerged as one of the “single most important priorities for leading businesses,” adding that while 2018 may have been a critic... Read More

Data security services company raises $40M in Series C funding

(Dec 18, 2018) Egress, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to help reduce the risk of data breaches, has secured $40 million in Series C funding, VentureBeat reports. Co-Founder and CEO Tony Pepper said the funding would support the company’s growth in Europe and help build the company’s capacity at its Boston office. He added it would also help to accelerate “new technology” across the company’s portfolio. The company currently offers a range of services, including email and document classification, a... Read More

Seed funding helps startup launch privacy-driven NAS device

(Dec 13, 2018) Latticework is getting ready to launch its first product Amber, a smart storage platform with artificial intelligence features, after it received $13 million in seed funding from Tyche Partners and other investors, VentureBeat reports. The network-attached storage device uses identity management, data routing verification and two-factor authentication to help ensure data remains protected. Eventually, Co-Founder Pantas Sutardja said he hopes to see Amber evolve into a home assistant. “If it’s go... Read More