Integris Software raises $3M to help companies prepare for CCPA

(Oct 28, 2019) Integris Software, a data privacy firm in Seattle, has raised another $3 million to help companies prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act’s Jan. 1, 2020, implementation date, GeekWire reports. Integris has raised $16 million to date. This funding will "help more customers prepare for the CCPA deadline, have a real-time understanding of their data, and be ready to respond quickly and confidently to Data Subject Requests to remain in compliance with regulations," Integris Software CEO Kri... Read More

IAPP releases updated 'Privacy Tech Vendor Report'

(Oct 22, 2019) The IAPP has released the latest version of its “2019 Privacy Tech Vendor Report.” Since the report’s last iteration earlier this year, 48 new vendors have entered the marketplace. The IAPP Tech Vendor Report now has more than 250 vendors listed in its pages. The report also covers the recent major investments made in the privacy tech space over the past 12 months as venture capitalists and angel funders turn their eyes toward the market and the demand for privacy tech services continues to incr... Read More

Data privacy slowing cloud adoption by Nigerian businesses

(Oct 10, 2019) Data privacy and security concerns are barriers to the adoption of a public cloud in Nigeria, Punch reports. At a recent conference, speakers noted gaps in the current cybersecurity law have created barriers to prevent cyberattacks and data theft, and as a result, businesses are reluctant to shift to the cloud. “In some cases, huge amounts of data have been obtained from citizens of certain countries by governments of other countries without their permission. This is one more headache for the co... Read More

Study: 70% of users access business data not related to their job

(Oct 10, 2019) A study released by Sila Solutions Group and the Ponemon Institute found securing access to sensitive information is a major issue for companies despite data breaches and security incidents, according to a Yahoo Finance news release. Of 650 respondents, 70% reported privileged users are accessing sensitive data even if it is not related to their job. The study also found respondents expect that number to increase over the next 12 to 24 months. Meanwhile, MediaPost reports a Deloitte Consumer Pri... Read More

White Paper – 5 Steps You Must Take to Prepare for the CCPA

(Oct 9, 2019) To help businesses operationalize CCPA’s requirements, we present here five concrete action items privacy professionals can tackle, as well as the considerations that underpin each step. We discuss how to determine whether and how CCPA applies to your business, necessary updates to vendor contracts and privacy notices, areas of focus to enable consumer requests, and organizational training needs. In each regard, we outline core requirements and point to additional resources for a deeper dive. Read More

SAP to resell BigID data discovery and privacy products

(Oct 8, 2019) Data privacy and intelligence platform BigID announced a resale agreement with German software corporation SAP, according to a Business Wire news release. Under the agreement, SAP will sell BigID products under the names SAP Privacy Management application by BigID and SAP Data Mapping and Protection application by BigID. “The new SAP solution extensions based on the BigID platform will help our customers manage risk around data privacy and help them serve their end customers better,” SAP Executi... Read More

Big Tech’s Shift to Privacy

(Oct 3, 2019) An overview of the technology sector’s public expressions of privacy initiatives and values. Privacy is top-of-mind for technology companies and their consumers. Since Facebook’s data-sharing practices came under scrutiny following reporting on Cambridge Analytica, consumers and legislators have sharpened their interest in big tech’s use of data. In response, many companies continue to review, refine, and clarify their data practices for the benefit of consumers. Some of that clarification come... Read More

ID verification startup receives $3.6M in funding

(Sep 25, 2019) Identity verification startup Passbase has obtained $3.6 million in seed round funding, TechCrunch reports. Passbase offers organizations application programming interfaces they can integrate into their services to allow consumers to submit information for ID checks, such as a facial biometric scan or any identifying document. The startup's services are designed to limit the amount of people who can access the submitted information. “Our vision is to build out an open identity system that encour... Read More

IAPP-EY Annual Governance Report 2019

(Sep 24, 2019) Now in its fifth year, the IAPP-EY Privacy Governance Report has evolved over time, along with the privacy profession itself. This year, almost as many of the 370 respondents to the survey hailed from the European Union as from the United States. This reflects the growth of the privacy and data protection profession in the EU in reaction to the GDPR. The GDPR has driven growth in privacy-pro ranks in the U.S., as well. Read More

Organizations launch $100M grant for alternatives to ad tracking

(Sep 17, 2019) Mozilla, Creative Commons and Coil have announced the launch of a $100 million grant to fund projects that will create alternatives to the ad-tracking business model, CNET reports. Grant for the Web will distribute the money to projects that let content creators make a profit while ensuring the privacy rights of internet patrons are respected. Mozilla Foundation Executive Director Mark Surman said the grant was not established to eliminate ad tracking. "It would be folly to think that magically ... Read More