Brexit: Data Protection and Transfers, if “No Deal”

(Mar 21, 2019) With the U.K. expected to leave the EU imminently, organizations must plan now for data governance within the U.K., and for data transfers into and out of other jurisdictions. Take a look at this IAPP infographic to learn more about where to focus your efforts in the case of a “no deal” Brexit.Click to view as PDF ... Read More

CynergisTek strikes $30M deal with Vereco

(Mar 21, 2019) Health care compliance firm CynergisTek is set to sell its Managed Print Services business to health care document service provider Vereco for $30 million, according to a news release from The Associated Press. With a growing emphasis on its cybersecurity and privacy services, CynergisTek will transfer all MPS operations and assets to Vereco. As part of the agreement, CynergisTek will offer cybersecurity assessments and managed services to Vereco’s current and future clients, while Vereco will p... Read More

Amazon commits to keeping privacy intact at Eero

(Mar 14, 2019) Since officially acquiring mesh Wi-Fi router company Eero, Amazon has committed to leaving Eero’s privacy policy in place, The Verge reports. Amazon Senior Vice President of Devices and Services Dave Limp confirmed, “We’re not changing a word” of Eero’s privacy policy, which reportedly prohibits tracking a user's internet activity. Limp also added that there are no plans to change Eero and said the company is doing well. “The roadmap is great, their customer service is great, their engineering i... Read More

Global risk management survey, 11th edition executive summary

(Mar 11, 2019) This survey report, published by Deloitte, is the latest installment in an ongoing assessment of the state of risk management in the global financial services industry. The survey data is sourced from the responses of 94 international financial institutions, in addition to multiple financial services sectors.View Now (2.10 MB)... Read More

Cybersecurity Barometer — USA 2018

(Mar 11, 2019) This study, published by Enjoy Safer Technology, outlines and analyzes survey data centered on public opinion about cybersecurity, cybercrime and related privacy concerns in America.View Now (250 KB)... Read More

Privacy Management Principles

(Mar 11, 2019) This chart, published by Security Controls Framework, identifies the leading privacy frameworks to create a simplified, comprehensive and easy-to-understand set of privacy management principles.View Now (520 KB)... Read More

Sen. Warren proposes breaking up large tech companies

(Mar 11, 2019) Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., laid out a proposal to break up large tech companies at a rally in Queens, The New York Times reports. Warren's proposal would undo notable tech mergers and introduce legislation to no longer allow tech companies to build and participate in their own marketplaces. Under Warren's regulations, companies would be split between those with global revenue between $90 million and $25 billion and those with revenues that exceed $25 billion. The plan has been met with crit... Read More