IAB Europe opines on 'misconceptions' surrounding the pending EDPB pay-or-consent decision

(Apr 16, 2024) In anticipation of the forthcoming European Data Protection Board's decision on Meta's pay-or-consent model, IAB Europe issued a preliminary rebuttal to what... Read More

DuckDuckGo to release privacy tool; Proton acquires Standard Notes

(Apr 11, 2024) DuckDuckGo will launch a privacy tool that can ask websites to delete consumers' personal data from "people-search websites," Wired reports. Meanwhile, priva... Read More

IAB's Diligence Platform looks to ease adtech privacy law compliance

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IAB seeks streamlined adtech privacy compliance with Diligence Platform

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GuidePoint Security announces data privacy services

(Mar 21, 2024) Software company GuidePoint Security announced it will provide data privacy services. The services will include various tools including privacy assessments, ... Read More

Startup provides AI voice anonymization technology 

(Mar 12, 2024) France-based startup Nijta aims to protect biometric data collected through artificial intelligence with voice anonymization technology, TechCrunch reports. ... Read More

CJEU issues clarity on IAB Europe TCF's GDPR compliance

(Mar 7, 2024) The Court of Justice of the European Union found IAB Europe's Transparency and Consent Framework strings contain personal data, making them subject to the EU... Read More

AI privacy encryption startup raises $73M

(Mar 7, 2024) French startup Zama raised USD73 million from investors for its cryptography technology that promotes data privacy with blockchain and artificial intelligenc... Read More

European Digital Rights comes out against Meta's 'pay or OK' model

(Mar 7, 2024) Digital rights group European Digital Rights wrote an open letter urging the European Data Protection Board to condemn Meta's "pay or OK" subscription model.... Read More

ICO seeks input on 'pay or OK' models in drafting cookie regulations

(Mar 6, 2024) The U.K. Information Commissioner's Office opened a "call for views" from businesses and digital advertising stakeholders on how "pay or OK" subscription mod... Read More