Research shows correlation between data breaches and stock value

(May 16, 2019) Infosecurity Magazine reports a recent analysis that shows publicly traded companies that have experienced a data breach can be subject to a subsequent drop in stock value. Data security firm Bitglass' "Kings of the Monster Breaches" report looked at breaches for Marriott in 2018, Equifax in 2017 and Yahoo in 2016, revealing the companies endured a combined 7.5% post-breach drop in stock value. Each company lost an average of $5.4 billion, and Marriott and Yahoo averaged 46 days to redeem their ... Read More

TheScore’s privacy notice analyzed against the CCPA

(May 14, 2019) Transparency is a fundamental aspect of the California Consumer Privacy Act. The act creates consumer rights to access data and obligations for businesses to disclose data practices. One of the law’s effects will be increased scrutiny of privacy notices, specifically their details about a business’s data collection and sales practices. This article applies the CCPA to the current privacy notice of theScore — a sports news application — one of the 17 apps The New York Times recently identified f... Read More

Unsecure customer loyalty programs are ripe for hacking schemes

(May 13, 2019) The New York Times reports that retail rewards programs are becoming one of the most susceptible hacks as companies digitize. California-based Javelin Strategy & Research found that loyalty program hacks doubled from 2017 to 2018, while an unnamed loyalty-fraud prevention group estimated in its own report loyalty program–related crime produces $1 billion a year in losses. Hackers access loyalty programs to not only steal account information and gain access to other accounts, but also to stea... Read More

The Privacy Advisor Podcast: CCPA's latest amendments

(May 10, 2019) There has been no shortage of press about the California Consumer Privacy Act. Sessions on the topic were among the most attended at the IAPP's Global Privacy Summit in Washington last week. But what is difficult is keeping pace with all the amendments being voted up or down on any given week. In this episode of The Privacy Advisor Podcast, host Angelique Carson, CIPP/US, chats with Frankfurt Kurnit's Tanya Forsheit, CIPP/US, CIPT, PLS, who is on the front lines of the issue in both advising cli... Read More

AI-powered identification platform receives $20M for expansion

(May 10, 2019) Evident ID has raised $20 million toward the expansion of its artificial intelligence–driven identity and credential verification platform, according to a Yahoo Finance news release. The Series B financing will help Evident add AI components and improve pre-existing tech, which already includes facial recognition, crytopgraphy and machine learning. The platform offers identity verification based on such factors as business licenses, biometrics, insurance and criminal history while abiding by str... Read More

Startup launches tech, consulting service

(May 3, 2019) TechCrunch reports on the launch of startup InCountry, which will provide privacy tech and consulting for businesses and other organizations. The startup raised $7 million in seed round funding, some of which will be put toward Profile, the company's first product. The privacy tech focuses on user profile and registration information in 50 countries on six continents. InCountry Co-Founder and CEO Peter Yared said the company is developing tech related to payment, transaction and health data and ... Read More

Banks, telecoms work together on Canadian digital ID system

(May 3, 2019) Motherboard reports Canadian banks and telecoms are launching Verified.Me, a new digital ID system that will assist in accessing insurance and credit reporting services. The two industries have begun merging customer data onto Verified.Me's app in hopes that the database will eventually extend its reach to business, health and government services. For security purposes, only individuals and organizations screened and accepted to the network will be able to obtain data from the app. TD Bank, Roya... Read More

2019 IAPP Privacy Professionals Salary Survey — Executive Summary

(May 2, 2019) IAPP members can click here to access the full survey. The privacy profession has been growing steadily since its inception, but it exploded in the last two years. With the coming into force of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in 2018 and the impending legislative reforms in Washington and some U.S. states, privacy and data protection professionals have never been busier — or more in demand. Chief privacy officers command an impressive $200,000 median salary in 2019 — $212,000 for tho... Read More

2019 IAPP Privacy Professionals Salary Survey — Full Report

(May 2, 2019) This IAPP’s biennial salary survey was fielded in early 2019 with third-party research firm Fondulas Strategic Research. The survey was sent to privacy professionals by email and via a link in the Daily Dashboard to its more than 44,000 subscribers, and the survey link was also distributed through the IAPP’s social media channels. Since 2003, we have focused on salaries, bonuses and raises, and this year we also looked at additional forms of compensation, including company stock/equity, commissi... Read More