Saudi Arabia enacts Personal Data Protection Law

(Sep 18, 2023) Saudi Arabia's Personal Data Protection Law was enacted 16 Sept., the Saudi Gazette reports. The law regulates the collection, processing, disclosure and pre... Read More

Indiana attorney general files lawsuit over abortion physician's privacy breach

(Sep 18, 2023) The Associated Press reports Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita sued Indiana University Health and IU Healthcare Associates over an alleged Health Insuranc... Read More

Privacy insights from the Australian Royal Commission's Robodebt investigation

(Sep 14, 2023) The Robodebt scheme was a controversial and unlawful attempt by the Australian government to recover debts from welfare re... Read More

CBP to end bulk location data purchases

(Sep 13, 2023) U.S. Customs and Border Patrol told U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., it will stop buying mobile device location data at the end of September, 404 Media reports. ... Read More

ECHR rules against UK surveillance regime

(Sep 13, 2023) The Financial Times reports the European Court of Human Rights ruled the privacy of two individuals was breached by a U.K. foreign surveillance operation. Th... Read More

The latest privacy fines from US state, federal regulators

(Sep 11, 2023) California Attorney General Rob Bonta Read More

A country-by-country window into consumer privacy, trust

(Sep 8, 2023) The IAPP Consumer Privacy and Trust Report provides a global view into consumer perceptions and behaviors at a global level. The IAPP Research and Insights t... Read More

Australian police wants database donations to combat CSAM

(Sep 7, 2023) The Australian Federal Police is soliciting donations of childhood photos to build a database that will help suppress child sexual abuse material, the Guardi... Read More

CJEU rules against certain law enforcement data use

(Sep 7, 2023) The Court of Justice of the European Union rendered a decision against certain uses of personal data by law enforcement. In a case from Lithuania, the court ... Read More

ICO to probe fertility apps

(Sep 7, 2023) The U.K. Information Commissioner's Office will review the data protection practices of fertility and period-tracking apps. An ICO-commissioned poll showed t... Read More