State attorneys general probing Zoom

(Apr 3, 2020) Politico reports attorneys general from several states are looking into Zoom's privacy practices. New York Attorney General Letitia James was the first to check in on the teleconference platform earlier in the week with other attorneys general now following suit. "We are alarmed by the Zoom-bombing incidents and are seeking more information from the company about its privacy and security measures in coordination with other state attorneys general," said Connecticut Attorney General William Tong,... Read More

COVID-19 incites data-sharing overreach concerns

(Mar 25, 2020) The challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic and concerted efforts to stop its spread have thrown data protection law into the global spotlight. In this piece for The Privacy Advisor, Jennifer Baker looks at how laws, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation, address these situations and the emergency measures countries around the world have taken to balance personal privacy with combating the pandemic. Editor's note: The IAPP has rounded up COVID-19 guidance published by data protection auth... Read More

Pandemic incites concerns about data-sharing overreach

(Mar 24, 2020) Proportionality — that’s the watchword companies need to adhere to in times of crisis. The challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic and concerted efforts to stop its spread have thrown data protection law into the global spotlight. With companies and authorities alike doing everything they can to stem the transmission of the disease, measures like checking recent travel histories, taking body temperature and tracking patients’ movements have come to seem acceptable. But many are asking, how far shoul... Read More

The Privacy Advisor Podcast: What happens to data privacy in a pandemic?

(Mar 20, 2020) It's a scary time by any standard. There's news every day about the latest number of those infected by an invisible danger that'll make some sick and kill others, and to stay safe ,we have to stay away from each other in a time when we most need each other for support. And when we're scared, sometimes we make decisions based on fear. In this episode of The Privacy Advisor Podcast, Michelle De Mooy of DeMOOY Consulting and former director of privacy and data at the Center for Democracy and Techno... Read More

HHS notice on telehealth penalties raises privacy concerns

(Mar 20, 2020) The U.S. government just eased the path for doctors and nurses to do video chats with patients by lifting privacy and security compliance penalties and enforcement action against health care providers. The Office for Civil Rights at the U.S Department of Health and Human Services Tuesday said it will allow health care providers to use technology, such as Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger video chat or other video platforms, to communicate with patients. But, while federal response to the COVID... Read More

Commissioner: Proper handling of personal data ‘crucial’ in COVID-19 response

(Mar 12, 2020) The Philippines’ National Privacy Commission is reminding government agencies and the public to not share sensitive personal data as the COVID-19 outbreak continues, ABS-CBN News reports. NPC Commissioner Raymund Liboro said the proper handling of personal data is “crucial in stopping the spread of the virus” and response must balance individual data privacy and public health interests. It is “prudent” to confirm information, Liboro said, “especially information that would lead to the identifica... Read More

Perspective: Balancing personal privacy, public interest amid COVID-19 outbreak

(Mar 6, 2020) The spread of COVID-19 around the world is challenging privacy norms and leading conversations about ethical data use. In China, drones are being used to enforce quarantines. South Korea is using personal data to alert individuals if they have been near an infected patient. A website in Singapore shares where an infected person lives and works, as well as the hospital they were admitted to. In this piece for Privacy Perspectives, IAPP Editorial Director Jedidiah Bracy, CIPP, poses the question: ... Read More

On balancing personal privacy with public interest

(Mar 6, 2020) It's hard to imagine going through a day right now without thinking about COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. You likely already know the basic facts: It appears to have originated in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China; the disease can cause severe illness in people, including death, though, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, serious illness occurs in only 16% of cases; the disease is rapidly spreading around the world; and there's still a lot of unknowns su... Read More

Italian DPA publishes guide on smart assistants

(Mar 5, 2020) Italy's data protection authority, the Garante, has issued a fact sheet on how users can preserve privacy while using smart assistants. The DPA's guide aims to help users "try to make an informed and aware use of these tools, to adequately protect our personal data and those of all people who enter, voluntarily or not, in the field of action of digital assistants." Among the suggestions to limit smart assistant data collection are turning off the device while a user sleeps, deactivating non-esse... Read More

Privacidad en el ámbito laboral: el caso de Costa Rica

(Mar 3, 2020) El uso de herramientas de monitoreo para, entre otros, proteger la información de la empresa, garantizar la productividad e identificar desviaciones en los procesos, hace que la protección de la privacidad y de la información personal sea una de las principales áreas en las que debe enfocarse una empresa como parte de su programa de cumplimiento. Si bien no puede negarse la necesidad y utilidad del monitoreo, su uso plantea riesgos y desafíos legales, particularmente para las multinacionales, qu... Read More