IT minister seeks to maintain India's data sovereignty

(Sep 20, 2019) The Economic Times reports India IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has announced that the government is committed to harnessing the power of the country's data and doing so for the country's benefit. "The super sensitive data, the sensitive data must remain in India," Prasad said at a recent conference. Prasad cited health care data as a potential source for new breakthroughs and innovations, while it could also harvest results in creating solutions and medicines.Full Story... Read More

Saskatchewan privacy commissioner recommends training for temp SHA employees

(Sep 20, 2019) After a volunteer for the Saskatchewan Health Authority took students to a call at a private home, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Saskatchewan recommends additional privacy training for anyone working for the agency, CBC News reports. The volunteer took three students in a CPR recertification class to the site of a medical emergency. The three students were not employed by the SHA, and the group arrived before any other responders arrived on the scene. A report from the commissioner... Read More

German ministers call for stronger data protection measures after health care breach

(Sep 19, 2019) After the medical data of 13,000 German patients was discovered on an unprotected server, ministers have called for legal requirements for stronger security protocols, DW reports. The data included patients’ names and, in some cases, photos. "We don't want this data to end up with an employer, an insurance company, a bank. It makes it more likely you'll be rejected for a job or a credit," Federal Commissioner for Data Protection Ulrich Kelber said. German Health Minister Jens Spahn said any Germ... Read More

Spain's DPA releases guidance on data processing for wellness, education apps

(Sep 19, 2019) The Spanish Agency for Data Protection published guidance for education and wellness applications that process personal data. The guidance is not only intended for the organizations that are responsible for processing the data, but also for the developers of the apps. The DPA’s document identifies practices that may negatively impact user privacy and solutions and alternatives to avoid such behavior. The AEPD and Polytechnic University of Madrid analyzed the 10 most-popular wellness and educatio... Read More

A new global guide for implementing the CCPA

(Sep 19, 2019) The California Consumer Privacy Act is the most sweeping privacy law in the United States and rivals the EU General Data Protection Regulation in terms of the shift it will require in mindset and business for organizations processing personal information about California residents. Businesses must begin preparing — and rapidly — for the statute. To help, Perkins Coie Partner Dominique Shelton Leipzig, CIPP/US, has written "Implementing the CCPA: A Guide for Global Business" to help the person wh... Read More

Analysts find medical records unsecured for millions worldwide

(Sep 18, 2019) The medical records of more than 5 million Americans and millions of other patients worldwide were found to be publicly accessible on the internet, ProPublica reports. Analysts identified 187 unsecured servers in the U.S. that, depending on the provider, expose varying types of patient information. A server housing data for MobilexUSA revealed patient names, birthdates, doctors and procedures for more than 1 million patients. A server tied to a Los Angeles physician held the names, birthdates an... Read More

Consumer Technology Association offers new health care privacy guidelines

(Sep 13, 2019) The Consumer Technology Association has drafted privacy guidelines to help grow consumers' trust in tech companies that handle personal health data, Healthcare IT News reports. The recommendations emphasize transparency and awareness with data use while allowing companies flexibility in the way they implement the guidelines. The guidelines are meant to supplement the various regulations for different companies. "CTA's Privacy Principles give health care companies the guidelines for protecting co... Read More

Study: Patients, medical pros differ on recording visits

(Sep 13, 2019) A study conducted by the University of Saskatchewan finds patients and clinicians differ on recording medical visits, CTV News Edmonton reports. The study revealed more than 61% of patients believe they should be allowed to document their treatment; however, only 28% of medical professionals agree. Alberta Health Services has responded to this trend by banning patients from taking photos in its facilities. “We’re definitely seeing an increase in it,” University of Alberta Chair of Emergency Medi... Read More

Op-ed: Data privacy management at the board will reduce data breaches

(Sep 11, 2019) In an article for Forbes, Integris Software CEO and Founder Kristina Bergman calls for organizations to “implement robust data privacy practices that also involve their board members on an operational and technical level to protect themselves and their customers’ well-being.” She writes that companies should take a proactive stance to data management considering the increasing number of data breaches and privacy enforcements. One way to do this, Bergman says, is to create a cross-functional team... Read More

HHS reaches first settlement in HIPAA Right of Access Initiative

(Sep 10, 2019) The Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced it has settled its first case for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Right of Access Initiative and has fined Bayfront Health St. Petersburg in Florida $85,000. Bayfront has also adopted a correction plan to prevent potential violations of the right of access provision and agreed to one year of monitoring by OCR. The OCR investigated after a mother reported Bayfront took more than nine ... Read More