Notes from the IAPP, July 30, 2021

(Jul 30, 2021) Greetings from Newfields, New Hampshire! I've reached a breaking point regarding people implying the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ... Read More

NHS medical record data sharing program launch delayed

(Jul 29, 2021) The U.K. government delayed plans to launch a patient data sharing program, Healthcare IT News reports. Under the program, NHS medical records from general p... Read More

Notes from the IAPP Europe Managing Director, 30 July 2021

(Jul 29, 2021) Greetings from Brussels! A recent article in the New York Times, as Read More

Dutch authorities emphasize safety of digital COVID-19 testing system despite security flaw

(Jul 22, 2021) Authorities in the Netherlands emphasized the safety and reliability of the country’s digital COVID-19 testing system were not compromised following a leak t... Read More

Proposed DNA data law in India raises privacy concerns

(Jul 22, 2021) India’s proposed DNA Technology Regulation Bill is raising privacy concerns, Reuters reports. The bill would create a DNA Regulatory Board and store DNA info... Read More

FTC announces lineup for PrivacyCon 2021

(Jul 21, 2021) The U.S. Federal Trade Commission released the Read More

Ransomware attack exposes law firm’s data and other breach updates

(Jul 20, 2021) A data breach from a February ransomware attack exposed a Campbell Conroy & O’Neil database containing Social Security and passport numbers, payme... Read More

Ghana launches biometric vaccination program; firefighters’ vaccine data leaked

(Jul 20, 2021) Ghana will launch a biometric-based national vaccination program in October, believed to be the first using contactless biometric technology, Biometri... Read More

Private vaccine passport apps raise data sharing concerns

(Jul 19, 2021) Newsweek reports American Airlines, United and digital health nonprofit The Commons Project Foundation created their own vaccine passport applications. Brook... Read More

German state DPA investigates potential link to maligned Chinese genetics firm

(Jul 15, 2021) The Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information in Hesse opened a probe into a potential connection between a German lab operator and Chinese... Read More