French Parliament, ENISA to address cloud sovereignty

(Apr 10, 2024) Members of French Parliament will vote on cloud sovereignty provisions of the SREN digital bill, Euractiv reports. The European Union Agency for Cybersecurit... Read More

US Cyber Safety Review Board recommends security improvements for cloud service providers

(Apr 3, 2024) Following an independent review of the summer 2023 Microsoft Exchange Online data Read More

French government votes against its cloud security strategy

(Feb 7, 2024) Members of the French government's Renaissance party voted against its cloud security strategy after previously supporting the EU Digital Services Act and Di... Read More

CNIL releases cloud computing practical sheets

(Jan 23, 2024) France's data protection authority, the Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés, published two practical sheets on data encryption and securit... Read More

Cybersecurity teams urged to prioritize protecting AI

(Jan 5, 2024) Companies' cybersecurity staff are being encouraged to prioritize the protection of artificial intelligence and cloud computing despite widespread cybersecur... Read More

FTC to discuss voice cloning, cloud computing

(Nov 10, 2023) The U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced it will reveal a voice cloning challenge at its 16 Nov. open meeting. The FTC said the challenge is "aimed at pro... Read More

Microsoft invests $5B in Australian digital initiatives

(Oct 23, 2023) The Australian Financial Review reports Microsoft pledged AUD5 billion to the Australian government to bolster cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and clo... Read More

Application of EU Data Governance Act begins

(Sep 25, 2023) The EU Data Governance Act became applicable to covered entities 24 Sept. The law, which provides for increased access to public-sector data for the purpose ... Read More

The IAPP's top 5 most-read articles for the week of 17 July 2023

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A guide to the attorney general’s finding of 'reciprocal' privacy protections in EU

(Jul 18, 2023) On 10 July, the two final pieces fell into place to create a new lawful basis for transferring personal data from the EU to the U.S., implementing the Read More