Training and Professional Development

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Data Privacy Training: Educate Your Staff, Protect Your Customers

Train and equip your staff with the necessary knowledge in privacy awareness essentials to ensure consistent safe practices and meeting regulatory requirements for training under the GDPR, CCPA and LGPD while facilitating a privacy first culture in your organization.

Uncover the privacy knowledge gaps in your operation.

Many employees are unaware their daily decisions and actions have privacy implications. Where are they? Who are they? Identify the critical knowledge gaps in your operation and fill them in by providing appropriate certification-level training from the IAPP to help you mitigate risks, avoid regulatory penalties and build customer trust.

New Privacy Law Section at the California Lawyers Association

We are committed to thought leadership around the legal, regulatory, and business issues involving privacy in the digital age. We will provide invaluable education & networking opportunities, and exceptional MCLE and continuing professional education programming for lawyers & non-lawyers who are working on the full cycle of data management issues.

Looking for online GDPR Trainings? Try the GDPR e-learning!

Training and Awareness is an important part of GDPR compliance, but just as much as documenting and keeping track of your trainings! By using GDPR e-learning tool for you and your staff, you will get a personalised certificate of completion matching with your tracking needs.

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