Incident Response

Thanks for exploring the incident response demo page. To see sponsored demos about how incident response solutions can help you respond to data breach incidents , by providing information to relevant stakeholders of what was compromised and what notification obligations must be met, simply click on a vendor card below.

Demonstrate Compliance with Global Data Breach Laws

Build automated workflows to rapidly respond to incidents and enhance breach notification decision-making. View incident statuses across your organization, mitigate risk with insight into global privacy & security laws, and leverage powerful reporting.

No More Doubts on What to Do if a Data Breach Hits on a Friday

Using a proper inventory tool such as PrivacyPerfect, the assessment, management and notification of data breaches becomes significantly easier, when and if they occur. Embed the workflow of incident and data breach inventory inside your organisation. Create pre-designed reports of breach records, which then can be shared with authorities.

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