Incident Response

Thanks for exploring the incident response demo page. To see sponsored demos about how incident response solutions can help you respond to data breach incidents , by providing information to relevant stakeholders of what was compromised and what notification obligations must be met, simply click on a vendor card below.

Demonstrate Compliance with Global Data Breach Laws

Build automated workflows to rapidly respond to incidents and enhance breach notification decision-making. View incident statuses across your organization, mitigate risk with insight into global privacy & security laws, and leverage powerful reporting.

PrighterBreach - Get the handling of Data Breaches right

A lot to do within 72 hours. PrighterBreach helps you focus on the investigation and on remedial actions while we take care of the risk assessment, the drafting of the notification and the handling of the process with the supervisory authority, if necessary. Rely on our law firms experience from hundreds of data breach notifications.

Proactive, Not Reactive: A Holistic Approach To Incident Response

Kuma brings qualified experts to help you prepare and address your most important incident response needs so that the unavoidable isn’t unmanageable. Our services: Penetration Tests/Vulnerability Scans · Logging/Monitoring · Incident Response & Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning · Tabletop Exercises and Drills

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