Incident Response

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Demonstrate Compliance with Global Data Breach Laws

Build automated workflows to rapidly respond to incidents and enhance breach notification decision-making. View incident statuses across your organization, mitigate risk with insight into global privacy & security laws, and leverage powerful reporting.

Elite Responders Handling Entire Security Incident Lifecycle

Kroll’s elite security leaders deliver rapid responses for over 2,500 security and privacy incidents per year and have the resources and expertise to support the entire incident lifecycle, including litigation and notification demands. Gain peace of mind in a crisis.

Do you notify or not? Time starts now.

Radar’s out-of-the-box workflows–driven by global notification laws and your third-party obligations–inform a patented breach guidance engine that delivers exactly what matters: accurate and consistent breach notification advice in seconds. No other solution comes close.

Be Confident with Your Incident and Breach Response Process

Confidently create a consistent, documented incident or breach response process with Exterro’s Incident and Breach Management ™ solution. Leveraging the NIST Standards Playbook, this solution bridges the gap between Information Security, IT and Legal teams to ensure a comprehensive and documented process.

Assess Your Exposure and Identify the At-Risk Data

ReviewRight Protect™ combines machine learning with extensive legal and regulatory discovery and review experience to provide insight and intelligence to inform post-breach data-driven decisions and responses.

Enhanced visibility for privacy incident response

Secure visibility into every layer of your operations, improving auditability, handling incident response and reducing risk for full compliance. - See the status of privacy requests across every data silo - Easily maintain an updated Record of Processing Activities (ROPA) - Get alerts for manual exceptions or vendors past due on processing.

Get incident response-ready—before, during, or after an incident

Reduce incident risks and costs while bringing peace of mind to affect4d individuals with our proven professional services and unmatched flexibility of the IDX Platform. IDX does: pre-incident Response Planning, Notification Services, Call Center Communications, Enrollment Website and IDX Protection and more. ID Experts is now IDX.

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