Global Privacy Summit Online 2021

The Demo Center for Summit Online 2021 provides easy access to online demonstrations of the latest privacy products and services. A no-pressure environment for discovering vendors you want to engage.

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Do you miss getting swag at events? OneTrust has you covered with our Online Swag Store! Earn OneTrust Bucks throughout the 8-week Summit, then redeem for the latest OneTrust gear in our store! Join us for a session, an Ask the Expert session, or request a demo to earn your Bucks.

Microsoft Privacy, Compliance and Risk Management Content Library

Hear from Microsoft privacy and security experts, customers, and partners. Learn how intelligent data protection, compliance and risk management solutions can help you to safeguard sensitive data, identify and remediate critical risks and respond to regulatory requirements. Build Customer Trust with Privacy for the People is privacy-on-demand for your customers to manage preferences, consent, and data requests. Simplify privacy compliance with a delightful customer experience that builds trust, accountability, and transparency. Develop your own customizable and branded privacy portal within minutes.

Get Essential Privacy & Regulatory Updates at your Fingertips!

Stay up to date on upcoming and evolving privacy laws around the globe! OneTrust DataGuidance Regulatory Research is your one-stop shop for the world’s top privacy and security news.

Free 30 minute CCPA Compliance Training

Ensure your company and your employees comply with CA privacy regulations. Take this 30-minute course, offered by WireWheel, which covers the general compliance obligations under CCPA and what’s changing with the passage of CPRA.

Privacy Simplified and Automated!

Join our sessions at IAPP Global Privacy Summit to check how you can make privacy simple. Meanwhile, learn everything about the PrivacyOps framework with our free ebook.

Let Intelligent Incident Response Be Your Guide

Determining whether an incident qualifies as a notifiable breach is a huge challenge, particularly when the clock is ticking. Join us for a session at IAPP Global Privacy Summit to learn how intelligent incident response allows you to reach accurate incident risk assessment and notification decisions in a fraction of the time.

Legal, Regulatory, and Policy Solutions

Venable offers full-service solutions for the spectrum of privacy and cybersecurity challenges. We leverage significant experience and industry knowledge to help satisfy data privacy and security laws. Our dexterity makes us a powerful ally in the responsible use of data, giving our clients the confidence to innovate and achieve their objectives.

Benefits of AI-driven Data Privacy Protection & Transparency

Informatica Data Privacy Management enables discovery, classification, analyses, protection and monitoring for personal and sensitive data using AI and ML for metadata-driven intelligence to automate risk prioritization, data subject reporting, behavior insights, remediation workflows and reporting for transparency in a single solution.

With you from data strategy and compliance to cyber crisis

Join Brian Hengesbaugh (Global Chair, Baker McKenzie's Data Privacy & Security Group) as he leads the Privacy Law Section Virtual Roundtable as part of the IAPP Data Protection Intensive Online 2021 web series.

Cutting-Edge Security from HaystackID

HaystackID protects your data through a three-fold information security approach that includes physical, network, and security policy layers. Our approach provides trusted and reliable solutions so you can focus on the conduct of eDiscovery without having to divert focus to concerns on the security and privacy of electronically stored information.

Introducing the privacy platform

Organizations are facing rapidly growing demand to address consumer privacy concerns. IDX helps organizations retain and build trust with their employees and consumers with our IDX Privacy Platform. Looking for an incident response, healthcare, employee benefits, or partner solution? IDX is your answer. ID Experts is now IDX

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