DPO as a Service / EU Representation

Thanks for visiting this DPO as a service/EU representation demo page to learn more about how you can fill your needs for a data protection officer/EU representative. To see sponsored demos about how an outsourced cybersecurity or risk mitigation lawyer can act as your DPO, proving you are compliant with new regulations and accountable if a breach happens, simply click on a vendor card below.

Prighter Global DPO - Privacy around the world

What is the best jurisdiction to appoint a DPO when you deal with European GDPR, Californian CCPA, Brazilian LGPD, Turkish KVKK, Singapore PDPA ...? We offer you a truly global DPO and serve you with our offices and network of privacy lawyers around the world. One point of contact but global coverage.

Proliance 360 – Automating GDPR compliance

Proliance DPO-as-a-Service is Proliance`s managed service offer. Based on fixed monthly fees, a certified Data Protection Officer is appointed and helps the company with all Privacy related questions. The team of Privacy experts consists of more than 65 industry specialists.

Expertise without the cost of a privacy expert on staff

We can serve as your Data Protection Officer to meet GDPR’s requirements, and our partnership with a European Representative meets GDPR Article 27. We can become your Privacy Office, monitor changes in laws and regulations, and work with you to ensure your organization stays in compliance for a fraction of the cost of hiring a staff privacy expert.

DPO and Privacy as a Service - On Demand Expertise

Why would you need an outsourced privacy compliance service when you could simply hire professionals on a permanent contract? Well-rated, experienced data protection and privacy professionals are hard to come by and often don't stay long. Many have little operational experience. Our experts can hit the ground running.

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