De-identification and Pseudonymity

To see sponsored demos about how de-identification and pseudonymity tools can help your data scientists, researchers and other stakeholders derive value from datasets without compromising the privacy of the data subjects in a given dataset, simply click on a vendor card below.

DQ0 - Trustworthy AI and Privacy-Preserving Analytics

Get the most out of your data without revealing any secret information. DQ0 guarantees mathematically verifiable data protection. With DQ0 the data does not move to the analysis; the analysis moves to the data. Halt data leaks in your company, create data marketplaces, or use external data sources safely without having to trust another entity.

De-identification with Transcend’s security gateway

Transcend offers an on-premise security gateway for enterprise companies that handles all de-identification and encryption of API keys and end user data, as well as the authentication information required to access your databases and SaaS Tools. With our security gateway solution, Transcend cannot access your customer data.

Data Encryption, De-Identification and Masking

Achieve compliance by protecting against breaches and safely sharing data across your organization. Privacera enables you to dynamically encrypt and decrypt your data with ease, without relying on installation or management of encryption tools by IT teams.

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