De-identification and Pseudonymity

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Advanced Data Privacy Applying Metadata Intelligence & Automation

Dynamic and static data masking is integrated with Informatica Data Privacy Management to orchestrate data protection. By combining data discovery, identity mapping, and risk analytics, metadata-driven intelligence and automation help operationalize and accelerate data privacy compliance for a complete solution powered by CLAIRE.

Drive data agility with privacy-preserving synthetic data

Use Statice’s data anonymization software to unlock sensitive customer data while safeguarding privacy. Anonymize your data with Statice technology and benefit from recent advances in machine learning and state-of-the-art privacy techniques to get compliant and easy-to-generate privacy-preserving synthetic data.

Analytics for the Enterprise: Private. Distributed. Performant.

DataFleets is a privacy-preserving analytics API that unifies sensitive and distributed data for rapid access, agile analytics, and automated data privacy compliance. It employs multidisciplinary privacy-enhancing technologies, such as federated learning, differential privacy, secure multiparty computation, and homomorphic encryption.

DQ0 - Trustworthy AI and Privacy-Preserving Analytics

Get the most out of your data without revealing any secret information. DQ0 guarantees mathematically verifiable data protection. With DQ0 the data does not move to the analysis; the analysis moves to the data. Halt data leaks in your company, create data marketplaces, or use external data sources safely without having to trust another entity.

Automated video anonymization solution compatible analytics & AI

Brighter AI’s Deep Natural Anonymization replaces sensitive personal information (faces & license plates) with synthetic overlays to protect individuals from automated recognition algorithms. Thus, it’s the only redaction solution that enables the use of camera data for analytics and machine learning in compliance with data protection guidelines.

Confused between Anonymization and Pseudonymization?

Having won the Gartner's customer choice for data masking, we believe we know a thing or two about it. Maintain referential integrity and consistency across data sources, applications, and files. De-identify your data using 100+ methods, including masking, encryption, and tokenization.

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