Data Mapping

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Scalable Automation Tech to Reach & Maintain Global Compliance

Visualize the entire data lifecycle across IT systems and processing activities to maintain an evergreen data inventory. Leverage flexible intake methods, automatically assess for compliance & security risks, and generate detailed reports.

Visualize the Flow of Data Across your Business

Understand where your data resides and how it flows within your organization to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations. Automatically generate data flow maps that visually show where employee and customer data reside in the company’s systems and how that data moves through the business ecosystem.

See How You Can Manage Retention and Privacy Together

Increasing privacy concerns and regulations like the GDPR are elevating the need for privacy and retention to be managed together. Iron Mountain® Policy Center solution connects critical information about your personal data and shows connections visually through data flow maps, enabling compliance with the GDPR Article 30 requirements.

Exclusive Look at the Leading Data Inventory Software Platform

Exterro Data Inventory leverages our powerful process management technology and world-class best practice standards to enable rapid development of a complete data inventory/map from enterprise data sources, along with supporting compliance reports.

Proliance 360 – Automating GDPR compliance

Via Proliance Assessment all necessary documentation is collected and generated automatically. The user directly can switch views and see all identified processes or technical and organizational measures in a transparent way – including the current compliance status. The record of processing activities and TOM can be generated in real-time.

Find and Unlock the Value of Your Data, No Matter Where It Lives

Aparavi puts you in control of your data with knowledge and breaks down infrastructure and data silos. By indexing and connecting your data in one data lake, you can manage and have insight into the state, placement, and availability of your data to address information continuity, cost, and compliance without compromise.

Unlock the true value of your data. Data mapping is the key.

If you don’t understand all your diverse data sources and types, wrangling your data into compliance is impossible. Data mapping helps catalog the types of data your company manages, how it’s collected, what it’s used for and where it’s stored.

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