Data Destruction

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The world's most trusted and defensible data retention software

Exterro's Data Retention Software provides every component necessary, including an enterprise-class data inventory with a content rich library of regulatory considerations to rapidly, appropriately, and defensibly dispose of unnecessary email, paper, and other records and data.

Reduce risk by deleting your over-retained data

When it comes to personal data, bigger is not better. Companies that put data minimization and destruction practices in place are better positioned to meet the challenges of today’s regulatory environment, optimize storage costs, and reduce their risk exposure.

Stop being Data Hoarder! Minimize data, reduce privacy risk.

Declutter your organizational data lakes. Enterprises are losing more data in breaches not only because they are attacked but due to lack of data hygiene and data hoarding. Our AI powered solution provides confidence to data owners to get rid of excess data. Enable RTBF (Right To Be Forgotten) in full context for privacy compliance.

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