Consent Managers

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Streamline the Consent Lifecycle With Customized User Experiences

Integrate seamlessly into existing consent collection workflows to capture and centrally store user consent records. Leverage dynamic preference centers, integrate with marketing & IT apps, and customize to match your brand.

Global Cookie Compliance Made Simple

TrustArc Cookie Consent Manager is a configurable solution that enables organizations to meet global cookie compliance requirements while delivering a branded experience. With 7 years of proven success, our industry-leading consent manager evolves with the latest global regulatory changes and is trusted by companies of all sizes around the world.

2B Advice PrIME Cookie Consent Manager

The Cookie Consent Manager is part of the 2B Advice PrIME end-to-end privacy management SaaS platform. It handles all cookie management including scanning your website for the latest cookies, statement generation, banner design and integration with other systems. A simple web plugin keeps everything up to date and compliant. No installations needed

Learn why Osano is the most popular consent manager in the world.

Osano's consent management software serves more than 2 billion consents per month across 3.5 million websites. Osano's consent manager features automatic 3rd party blocking, multi-language support, and consent tracking. A single line of JavaScript is all you need to store consents on our secure, private blockchain.

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