Assessment Managers

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Operationalize Privacy by Design with Intuitive Assessment Tech

Operationalize your privacy program with automated PIAs and DPIAs to efficiently achieve privacy by design. Leverage pre-built templates, research backed assessments, and AI powered risk mitigation technology.

Automate PIAs, DPIAs, Vendor, and all your Compliance Assessments

Automate the process to complete assessments and generate compliance reports – save time, increase accuracy, and improve record keeping.

Gather critical information to manage assessments efficiently

Reduce time and lower risk by leveraging pre-built templates, reporting, powerful integrations, and flexible task management. Fully automate Data Inventory Assessments, Privacy Impact Assessments, High-Risk Assessments, Data Protection Impact Assessments, Records of Processing, Vendor Assessments, Scoring, ROPAs and more.

Automate the identification and mitigation of privacy risks

Powered by intelligent automation, Trūata Calibrate enables businesses to quickly operationalize privacy-compliant data pipelines. The cloud-native software performs risk assessments and targeted risk mitigation via one centralized dashboard. View the risk scores of critical data assets, transform data for safe use and create auditable compliance.

Expert Cyber and Privacy Guidance for All Your Assessments

Our data privacy and compliance experts translate the technical into practical and cut through less-than-specific legal requirements to navigate applicable regulatory or industry mandates. We’re versed in HIPAA, CCPA, CMMC, GDPR, NIST and others, and can efficiently structure your data privacy office or augment your privacy staff.

Centralized data management for easy assessments

With the largest ecosystem of integrations, pre-built workflows, real-time visibility and collaborative task management, Transcend organizes the information your business needs to efficiently manage ROPA, PIAs, 3rd-party vendor monitoring and other privacy assessments.

Simplify and Automate Forms and Assessments

Simplify the process of doing assessments like RoPA, DPIA or DPMA with SAP Privacy Governance. Create flexible workflows to distribute assessment tasks automatically and easily guide specialists and process owners through the forms. The evaluation engine automatically calculates result on the inputs provided and triggers follow-up tasks.

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