Activity Monitoring

Activity monitoring can help you determine who has access to personal data and when it is being accessed or processed. These services often come with controls to help manage activity. To see sponsored demos of how this works, simply click on a vendor card below.

Centralize Visibility with Master Controls & Activity Monitoring

Monitor activity in real-time to confirm practices are in place and evidence controls. By leveraging integrations with activity monitoring applications such as threat and vulnerability scanning tools to assess criticality, access control management to validate identities, and support security controls with detailed audit trails.

Enhanced visibility and real-time monitoring

Transcend improves your company’s monitoring into specific data silos, with a streamlined view of privacy requests hitting each silo and easy delegation tools. Get real-time alerts for manual exceptions or 3rd party vendors past due on processing. Pull reports on request volume, average resolution times, and other metrics.

Automated policy control and activity monitoring

Privacera automates data access control and policy management across multiple cloud and on-prem services from a single, unified interface. Automate manual processes for auditing, managing, tracking and transforming data to ensure compliance to GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and more.

Protecting consumer privacy should be easy

IDX Privacy brings everything a consumer needs to protect their digital privacy in one easy-to-use dashboard. 74% of consumers feel they have little control over their personal information. IDX Privacy gives them back control. Our scalable technology is built for the highest levels of security. Rated Excellent by PC Magazine. ID Experts is now IDX

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