Activity Monitoring

Activity monitoring can help you determine who has access to personal data and when it is being accessed or processed. These services often come with controls to help manage activity. To see sponsored demos of how this works, simply click on a vendor card below.

Centralize Visibility with Master Controls & Activity Monitoring

Monitor activity in real-time to confirm practices are in place and evidence controls. By leveraging integrations with activity monitoring applications such as threat and vulnerability scanning tools to assess criticality, access control management to validate identities, and support security controls with detailed audit trails.

Grow Trust, Simplify Compliance with Patient Privacy Intelligence

In our interconnected world, healthcare organizations must protect their patient’s data. For 15 years, FairWarning has helped health systems comply with HIPAA, protect patient privacy, and prevent privacy violations. Learn why more health systems choose FairWarning than all other options combined to maximize time and grow trust.

Reduce Risk and Manage Salesforce Security with Clicks, Not Code

FairWarning user activity monitoring interprets Salesforce log files, providing greater visibility into user behavior to support a robust security posture. Save time, simplify compliance, and reduce risk with one-click investigating and reporting, automated alerts, and business-friendly insights that don’t require a data scientist to leverage.

Analytics for the Enterprise: Private. Distributed. Performant.

DataFleets is a privacy-preserving analytics API that unifies sensitive and distributed data for rapid access, agile analytics, and automated data privacy compliance. It employs multidisciplinary privacy-enhancing technologies, such as federated learning, differential privacy, secure multiparty computation, and homomorphic encryption.

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