What happens on May 26th

What can you expect on May 26? Here's what regulators have to say.

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What Happens on May 26th? “There will be fines, and they will be significant. … I think it is quite clear that when we do identify an infringement that’s of the gravity, duration and scope that is serious, then we are obliged considerably to administer an administrative fine.” – Helen Dixon, Irish DPA  “You need to make sure that this question of compliance
is not focused on the legal departments, but throughout
the company. It is a strategy question; it’s not a technical
legal question. It has to raise to all levels of the company
and obey to a strategic decision from the top.”
– Isabelle Falque-Pierrotian,
 French DPA; Former Chair, A29WP  “The aim of our office is to prevent harm, and we
 place support and compliance at the heart of our
regulatory action. Voluntary compliance is still the
preferred route, but we will back that up with tough
action where it’s necessary.”
– Elizabeth Denham, U.K. Information Commissioner  “It’s not our first task to fine, it’s our first task to see if
you’re compliant, and if you’re not compliant it will be a
problem. There are no grace periods because the grace
period was already two years.”
– Andrea Jelinek, Austrian DPA;
 Chair, A29WP

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