Web Conference: Personalising versus Privacy – GDPR Essentials for Marketers Today

Original broadcast date: July 20, 2020

Ensuring marketing activities comply with the GDPR requires ongoing and evolving effort. This session covers the key e-marketing rules in Europe impacting email and social media marketing and then focuses on the most challenging areas facing marketers and their data protection advisors today. These include the feasibility of buying-in data or merging databases for e-marketing purposes post-GDPR; the limits and future for the soft opt-in exemption; the challenges of web scraping and ‘invisible processing’, ; and identifying where joint controllership applies and what opting out really means, in particular where data has been used for personalisation. This practical session, using case studies and examples from practice, will help equip data privacy specialists advise their marketing teams in a changing and increasingly onerous regulatory environment.

James Fenelon, CIPP/E , Associate, Bird & Bird
Evelyne Studer, CIPP/E , Global Senior Privacy Counsel, Advertising & Marketing, eBay
Lara White, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright