Web Conference: Monitoring Employees' Health & Activities Outside Work in Germany, Poland and UK

This web conference was a part of the IAPP European Data Protection Intensive Online 2021.  

Original broadcast date: 23 February 2021

In light of COVID-19, what can and should employers be doing to monitor their employees' health is very much in the news. However, outside of these extraordinary circumstances, tracking workers' health is becoming more prevalent. Likewise, with current technologies there are many more opportunities for employers to monitor employees' activities outside the workplace. This session will look at best practice in Germany, Poland and the UK — three very different jurisdictions. As well as outlining the legal framework, we will provide practical tips and best practice recommendations.

Ann Bevitt, Partner, Cooley
Anna Kobylanska, Advocate, Kobylanska Lewoszewski Mednis
Undine von Diemar, CIPP/E, Partner, Jones Day