Web Conference: AI, Algorithmic Risk and What to Do About It

Original broadcast date: 8 November 2021

Part of IAPP ANZ Summit Online 2021 web series.

From setting insurance premiums to deciding who gets a home loan, from predicting the risk of a person re-offending to more accurately diagnosing disease, algorithmic systems – especially those turbo-charged by AI - have the ability to re-shape our lives. As the use of algorithmic systems increases, so too does the need for appropriate auditing, assessment, and review. But where should a privacy professional start, when assessing the privacy considerations raised by algorithmic systems? What should an Algorithmic Impact Assessment include, look for, or test against? This workshop will offer privacy professionals a framework for assessing projects involving AI or algorithms, which cuts through the technical jargon and management-speak buzzwords. By examining the four stages of an algorithmic system - design, data, development and deployment – we can not only identify the risks to avoid, but also start to explore the positive features to build in, to make an algorithmic system trustworthy.

Anna Johnston, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP, Principal, Salinger Privacy