The Age of the Cyberpro

"The siloed data governance professions of today will not be able to meet organizations’ data risk management needs of tomorrow." Such is the argument put forward in a new paper by Professor Dennis Hirsch, Faculty Director at The Ohio State University's Michael E. Moritz College of Law Program on Data and Governance, with Program Manager Keir Lamont. What's needed to address changes happening rapidly in our digital society are professionals with hybridized skills and fluency across the domains of cybersecurity, privacy, and information technology, who can "meet the needs of their organizations and of society at large far more effectively than those who remain limited to their respective silos." In their argument for the coming Age of the Cyberpro, Hirsch and Lamont lay out their rationale for why professionals in all three fields can benefit from learning more about the others' fields, and why the hybridized professional who dabbles in all three is inevitable.