Privacy Conundrums in Higher Education: Corralling Squirrels in an Academic Environment

IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2012
Colleges and universities are like small cities, with privacy concerns ranging from legal implications to practical applications. Because of the size of the population, fairly open network access, amount of personally identifiable information exchanged regularly and wide range of compliance requirements, implementing and enforcing security and privacy in an academic environment can be incredibly challenging. But when you add in a dynamic sports program, state of the art research, an off-site hospital and unique areas such as an airport, a nuclear reactor, a steam plant and an ice rink, you begin to see every squirrel in the forest, not just the trees. But privacy pros across the country manage these diverse privacy issues every day. Hear how two experienced squirrel wranglers face the challenges head-on, and gain practical insights on developing and supporting a privacy program in a large, diverse environment. Presenters: Sarah D. Morrow, CIPP/US, The Pennsylvania State University, Jennifer A. Stewart, CIPP/IT, The Pennsylvania State University