Intro-level Privacy Books

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These reading recommendations from IAPP Privacy List subscribers and beyond are offered to help people new to the privacy profession get a leg up on what they need to know. Have one to add? Email

Daedalus 140:4 (Fall 2011) - Protecting the Internet as a Public Commons
American Academy of Arts and Sciences: Deidre Mulligan, CIPP/US, Vinton G. Cerf , Coye Cheshire, Helen Nissenbaum, R. Kelly Garrett, L. Jean Camp, Fred B. Schneider, John B. Horrigan, David D. Clark (2011)

Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital World
Victor Mayer-Schonberger (2009)

Dragnet Nation
Julia Angwin (2014)

The Filter Bubble
Eli Pariser (2012)

Foundations of Information Privacy and Data Protection: A Survey of Global Concepts, Laws and Practices
Peter P. Swire, CIPP/US, and Kenesa Ahmad, CIPP/US
Managing Editor: Terry McQuay, CIPP/US, CIPP/C, CIPP/E, CIPP/G

The Future of Reputation
Daniel J. Solove (2008)

The IAPP Information Privacy Case Book
Margaret P. Eisenhauer, Esq., CIPP/US

Information Privacy Law, Fifth Edition
Daniel J. Solove, Paul M. Schwartz (2014)

Introduction to IT Privacy: A Handbook for Technologists
e-book now available
Travis Breaux, CIPT, Executive Editor (2014)

La Jurisdicción y Competencia sobre Delitos Cometidos a través de Sistemas de Cómputo e Internet
(Jurisdiction over Crimes Committed through the Use of Computer Systems and Internet)
Tirant lo blanch
(2012, Spanish)

Making Laws for Cyberspace
Chris Reed (2012)

Managing an Information Security and Privacy Awareness and Training Program, Second Edition 2nd Edition
Rebecca Herold, CIPM, CIPT, CIPP/US (2010)

Nothing to Hide
Daniel J. Solove (2013)

Practitioner's Guide to Financial Institution Privacy
Andrew Serwin, CIPM, CIPP/C, CIPP/E, CIPP/G, CIPP/US (2014)

Privacy and Freedom
(Available from the IAPP with a $100 donation to the Westin Research Center)
Alan Westin (1970)

Privacy Engineering
Ian Oliver (2014)

The Privacy Engineer's Manifesto: Getting from Policy to Code to QA to Value
Michelle Finneran Dennedy, CIPM, CIPP/US , Jonathan Fox , CIPM, CIPP/US,Thomas Finneran (2014)

Privacy for Humans
Alexandra Ross (2016)

Privacy Impact Assessment
David Wright, Paul de Hert (2012)

Privacy in Context
Helen Nissenbaum (2009)

Privacy in the Modern Age
Marc Rotenberg, Jeramie Scott, Julia Horowitz (2015)

Privacy Law Fundamentals, Fourth Edition
e-book now available
Daniel J. Solove, Paul M. Schwartz (2017)

Privacy Program Management: Tools for Managing Privacy Within Your Organization
Now available in e-book, and French and German language editions
Russell R. Densmore, CIPP/US, CIPT, Executive Editor (2013)

Positively Confidential: 10 Proven Steps to Protecting Confidential Information, Private Data, and Intellectual Property in Today’s Interactive Business World
Naomi Fine (2011)

Protección de datos y habeas data: una visión desde Iberoamérica (PDF 1.4M)
Aristeo García González, Claudio Ragni Vargas, Cláudio Roberto Santos, Cynthia Téllez Gutiérrez, Daniel A. López Carballo, Dulcemaría Martínez Ruiz, Édgar David Oliva Terán, Francisco Ramón González-Calero Manzanares, Héctor E. Guzmán Rodríguez, Javier Villegas Flores, João Ferreira Pinto, Jorge Augusto Tena Ramírez, Jorge Luis García Obregón, José Luis Colom Planas, Laura Vivet Tañà, Marta Sánchez Valdeón, Matilde Susana Martínez, Romina Florencia Cabrera, Ruth Benito Martín, Salvador Serrano Fernández, Wilson Rafael Ríos Ruiz
(2014, Spanish)

Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live
Jeff Jarvis (2011)