Adopting Cloud Apps? How To Ensure Data Privacy and Compliance

IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium 2012

In this uncertain economy, the benefits of cloud computing are significant: the economies of scale, the potential cost savings, fast deployment and easy scalability. So, what's holding up adoption beyond inertia? According to the Goldman Sachs Equity Research Report of 2011, 70% of the CIOs surveyed express major concerns about data privacy in the cloud. Specific concerns include data privacy and breach notification, loss of governance, regulatory compliance and data sovereignty. How should organizations manage these challenges while leveraging the proven benefits of cloud computing? Find out as an expert on privacy in the cloud sheds light on this complex issue, exploring new threats that can impact your PII and PHI data in the cloud, how migrating to the cloud impacts regulatory and compliance requirements, case studies on secure cloud adoption by large Canadian institutions and emerging best practices on retaining complete control over sensitive data in the cloud.