Training Advisory Board

The Training Advisory Board helps guide the development and maintenance of IAPP privacy training programs, ensuring our content is accurate, relevant and timely. Subject matter experts on this board work to update and create new trainings, both online and instructor-led, sample questions and other content-related offerings.

Meet the Training Advisory Board



All Training Advisory Board members are expected to:

  • Serve a two-year term.
  • Maintain an active IAPP membership.
  • Attend and participate in approximately three one-hour video conference call meetings a year and complete assigned tasks in a timely manner.
  • Keep information shared among training team members and advisory board members confidential. All accepted board members will be expected to sign a confidentiality agreement that extends one year beyond the two-year term.
  • Act with integrity and professionalism in advisory board duties.
  • Identify, contribute and review content for training products, including instructor-led and online training programs, textbooks and sample questions.
  • Contribute questions or scenarios and questions for certification practice exams.
  • Support the IAPP training team function by providing regular guidance and insight.
  • Time commitment varies based on development schedule.
  • Advocate for the IAPP.
  • Optional opportunities to meet in person at IAPP events.
  • Required to sign a conflict-of-interest form.


Selection Criteria

Boards are selected with the goal of creating a balanced working group based on experience level, industry sector, geographic location and area of expertise. Considerations for selection include:

  • Prefer applicants hold a CIPP, CIPM and/or CIPT credential in good standing (maintained throughout their term).
  • Specialized knowledge of/experience with privacy technologist-related topics a plus.
  • Professional experience and knowledge of privacy and data protection laws, regulations, policies, procedures, best practices and theory related to the scope of the certification.
  • Length of membership plus commitment to, and involvement with, the IAPP.
  • Cannot be a member of the IAPP Certification Advisory Board, Appeals Board, an Exam Development Board, or have served on one of these boards in the past two years. Also, not under contract with the IAPP as an OTP (Official Training Partner) or an ACT (Authorized Consultant Trainer) for a period of two years.
  • Please note:
  • IAPP advisory board members are not agents or employees of the IAPP and cannot act on IAPP’s behalf or enter into any binding agreements.
  • As an advisory board member, your decisions, actions and opinions speak about you as an IAPP volunteer, and not solely as a member or privacy and data protection professional.



  • Receive three continuing privacy education (CPE) credits for each year of service.
  • Enhance your profile and visibility while being seen as a leader in the privacy and data protection community.
  • Make great connections with your fellow IAPP volunteers.
  • Get special access to IAPP resources.


How to apply

The IAPP accepts applications for advisory board roles each fall through our Call for Volunteers. For more information, visit our Call for Volunteers FAQ, or contact for details on additional volunteer opportunities.