Spotlight Stage

The Spotlight Stage has been called entertaining, informative and many other things — but never boring. Find your way to the exhibit hall for these mini-talks throughout the conference.

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Tuesday, 2 April


AI Governance in 20 Minutes: Principles and Practices for Privacy Professionals
Annabel Dalby, CIPT
, Senior Manager, Cyber Consulting, EY
Matt Whalley, Partner, Global DPN Lead, EY

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Wednesday, 3 April


The Almost Limitless Internet
Justin Salas
, Accounts Manager, Perspective Tester

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The New Frontier of Consent & Preferences Across Global Privacy Regulations
Mackenzie Hull
, Business Development Manager, Cassie

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Microsoft Priva Privacy
Paul Brightmore
, Head of Product Priva & Privacy, Microsoft

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AI Safety, Generative AI and Identity Protection
Andrew Gardner
, Vice President, Fellow, Head of AI, Norton Cyber Risk Solutions

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Unlocking Value Through Responsible Use of Data
Ojas Rege, CIPP/E, CIPM
, General Manager, Privacy and Data Governance Cloud, OneTrust

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Boost Compliance with Global Data Privacy Laws with ServiceNow and RadarFirst
Zelda Olentia
, Lead Product Manager, Regulatory Analysis and Content, RadarFirst

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Thursday, 4 April


Mind-Blowing Privacy Job Market Statistics: Revelations from Pandemic to Present
Jared Coseglia
, CEO, Founder, TRU Staffing Partners

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