Maintaining your Certification Made Easy!

You worked hard to pass your IAPP exam to become a certified privacy pro! All it takes to maintain your certification is:

  • Submit 20 Continuing Privacy Education credits per certification, per term
  • Pay a certification maintenance fee

Continuing Privacy Education (CPEs)

With the data and privacy world rapidly evolving, it’s important to make sure our certifications stand the test of time; therefore we require that recipients of our certifications submit CPEs. We want to make sure that as laws, regulations, and standards change, our privacy pros are keeping up to date.

  • Let us do all the work! CPE qualified content purchased from the IAPP website will automatically be added to your account. Those who participate on advisory boards, hold trainings, or attend IAPP sponsored events will also see their accounts credited with CPE credits.
  • Double dip! Many continuing education materials are relevant to multiple credentials. We encourage you to apply CPE credit to as many credentials as you see fit, so long as the material is relevant.
  • Submit it, but don’t forget it! We recommend submitting CPEs within 90 days of the event or completion.
  • Have a surplus? Great! If those extra CPEs were earned within the last 6 months of your certification term, you can carry over up to 10 CPEs into your next term!

Certification Maintenance Fee

Certification maintenance fees are essential to the operation of IAPP as a whole and help to sustain the credibility of the certifications we are able to provide. These fees also allow IAPP to be able to offer more comprehensive trainings, articles, podcasts, etc. as part of our resources.

  • Become an IAPP member! When you purchase an IAPP membership, your CMF is included as part of the membership benefits.
  • No membership? No problem! Certification Maintenance Fees can be purchased independently. This $250 USD fee covers the entirety of the 2 year certification term.

HELP! I have multiple certifications; how do I keep track of everything?!

Thanks to our term-alignment structure, you only need to remember one date! All certifications will eventually align to the start and end dates of the credential holder’s first earned certification. When an additional certification is earned, the new certification will automatically adopt the end date of the original certification.

If an additional certification is attained past year 1 of his or her existing term, CPEs will not be required for the new certification until the individual’s next term starts.

Hosting an upcoming privacy related event? Reach out to us to see if your event is qualified for attendees to earn CPEs!

Have questions? Check out the official IAPP CPE policy for all the details.