Jose Belo, FIP


Exigo Luxembourg

Data Protection and Privacy Senior Counsel

Jose Belo (FIP, CIPP/E, CIPM) is a legal professional, specialised in privacy and data protection, with a particular focus on the impact of technology in privacy, but also the impact of privacy and data protection on technology. An LL.B in Law, Jose also holds a Certificate in Law & Technology from the University of California (Berkeley), centered on U.S. Intellectual Property and Privacy Law.

Jose is currently data protection and privacy counsel at Exigo Luxembourg. He is also co-chair of the IAPP Lisboa KnowledgeNet (Portugal).
Jose's past professional experience at DATTA and Teofilo Araujo dos Santos Law Firm, in Portugal, allowed him to be directly involved with GDPR compliance in many different companies from very different sectors, gaining a thorough understanding of how the GDPR applies diversely to each company.
Furhtermore, Jose is DPO of Cryptovillage Portugal, a real-world application of a permissionless blockchain to a tourist village, by registering personal data of clients, payments in VillaCoin, manage food production and fire detection on a public ledger.
Jose authored academic articles on privacy and data protection at the University of Lisboa Cyber Magazine, the Journal of Data Protection and Privacy and Data Protection Leader magazine. 
Additionally, Jose is public speaker on the interconnection between technology (namely blockchain and AI), privacy and data protection, and the effects, intended or unintended, that the connection gives rise to.


Contributions by Jose Belo

  • Accommodating Data Subjects When They Exercise Their Rights
    Speaker at IAPP Data Protection Intensive France 2019