Luis Alberto Montezuma, FIP



Global Privacy Policy

Luis Alberto Montezuma is Deputy Assistant to the Chair of Colombia’s Data Protection Authority (Superintendent Delegate for the Protection of Personal Data of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce) since January 2019.


Mr. Montezuma provides advice to the Chair of Colombia’s Data Protection Authority on any issue related to the protection of personal data in Colombia, data protection regulations, and cross-border transfer rules.


Prior to joining the Colombian DPA, Mr. Montezuma worked as a Data Protection Specialist and a Compliance Attorney at Frontera Energy Corporation, the law firms of Vanegas Morales and Acciones Constitucionales and at the University of Los Andes. He also served as a Data Protection Consultant for the European Union.


Mr. Montezuma serves as a member of the IAPP's Privacy Bar Section Advisory Board and is Co-chair of the IAPP Bogota, Colombia KnowledgeNet Chapter.


He is also a Data Protection Lecturer at the University of Los Andes and a Columnist for the IAPP, DataGuidance, Data Protection Leader, and Communication and New Technology Journal.


Mr. Montezuma has significant experience in data protection, privacy and compliance through work experience in a variety of industries, including oil, coal mining, retail, construction, health care, insurance and financial services, stock market, consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) and non-governmental organizations.

Mr. Montezuma holds a Bachelor of Law admitted in Colombia, Specialist in Financial Legislation, Master of Private Law, and a Master in Data Protection, Transparency and Information Access.


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