Jonathan Cantor, CIPP/G, CIPP/US


U.S. Department of Homeland Security

CPO, Acting

Jonathan Cantor joined the Department of Homeland Security as deputy chief privacy officer in July 2012, and was acting chief privacy officer from August 2012 until October 2013. He advises DHS leadership on domestic and international privacy laws, policies and programs.

Cantor previously served as the senior privacy official at both the Department of Commerce and the Social Security Administration. At the Department of Commerce, he was the first permanent chief privacy officer charged with developing a departmental program. He also contributed to the administration's Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights and other projects involving landmark privacy policy.


Contributions by Jonathan Cantor

  • Baking Privacy Into Devices That Monitor the Public
    Moderator at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2020
  • Embedding Privacy Into the Use of Facial Recognition to Combat Terrorism
    Moderator at Global Privacy Summit 2019
  • Baking It In: Privacy Governance by Design in Large Organizations
    Speaker at Global Privacy Summit 2019
  • Getting Hired for a Privacy Job in the Federal Government
    Speaker at Global Privacy Summit 2018
  • Privacy Compliance Reviews: Is Your Program Manager Doing What They Promised?
    Speaker at Global Privacy Summit 2017
  • Recruiting Talent to the Privacy Office
    Speaker at Practical Privacy Series 2016
  • Re-working Privacy Management within the Federal Government
    Speaker at Global Privacy Summit 2016
  • Member of Education Advisory Board 2016 - 2018