Suzanne Morin


Sun Life

Vice President, Enterprise Conduct, Data Ethics; Chief Privacy Officer

As Vice-President, Enterprise Conduct, Data Ethics and Chief Privacy Officer, Suzanne Morin is responsible for overall privacy leadership at Sun Life and its subsidiaries worldwide. Her mandate includes the company’s Code of Conduct program and evolving standards for ethical use of data. Suzanne’s prior roles include leading the legal team in Quebec and compliance for IT.

Before joining Sun Life in 2015, Suzanne spent more than 20 years working in the communications industry, for businesses such as Bell Canada and BlackBerry.

A passionate believer in giving back to the community, Suzanne is actively involved with many organizations including the Canadian Bar Association’s National Privacy and Access Law Section and MediaSmarts, a leader in media and digital literacy. Suzanne served as an appointed member of the Board of the Standards Council of Canada for over a decade.

Suzanne has appeared before parliamentary and legislative committees, speaks frequently at Canadian and international conferences, and is an Advisory Board Member and occasional contributor to the Internet and E-commerce Law in Canada and the Canadian Privacy Law Review.

Suzanne is always physically active, walking and working in the yard, loves jigsaw puzzles and coffee. She has a son and husband and divides her time between Ottawa and Montreal.


Contributions by Suzanne Morin

  • Navigating Uncertainty in Québec's New Privacy Law in 2023 and Beyond
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