Zoltan Precsenyi, CIPP/E, CIPM


McKinsey & Company

Director, Privacy Compliance

Zoltan is an accomplished privacy professional based in Brussels who came to the field of privacy somewhat by accident, and then never left. A French-trained lawyer from the Université Pantheon Assas Paris II, he started his career in bilateral diplomacy in Paris, then moved into EU affairs at the European Parliament upon his native Hungary joining the European Union in 2004. After a 2-year stint in public affairs and communications at a Brussels-based international trade association, in 2010 he joined the EMEA government affairs team of then global cybersecurity leader Symantec, where the upcoming review of the GDPR’s predecessor, Directive 95/46 became his main priority.

After several years of intense advocacy in Brussels and across the EU capitals to evangelise cybersecurity to the legisdrafters of the GDPR, as well as of many other initiatives on the EU’s ambitious digital agenda (cyber defense, critical infrastructure protection, network and information security, cybercrime, child online protection, consumer digital safety and security, electronic identification and signatures, cloud computing, smart grids, smart cities, Internet of Things), in 2017 Zoltan transitioned into Symantec’s legal department as GDPR strategy director to help drive the company’s own GDPR compliance program.

Upon Broadcom’s acquisition of Symantec’s business-to-business activities in 2019, he was hand-picked to join Broadcom’s privacy office as senior legal counsel global privacy. In this latest capacity, on the side of his legal advisory and incident response day jobs, he has also developed, scaled up and matured the company’s global privacy by design framework for software products, devising, building and running it as a comprehensive corporate program for privacy excellence and accountability.


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