Christine Runnegar


Internet Society

Senior Director, Internet Trust

Christine Runnegar is Senior Director, Internet Trust at the Internet Society, which advocates for policies that support an open, globally-connected, secure and trustworthy Internet. She serves on the Board of the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), the home of the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority. Christine co-chairs the W3C Privacy Interest Group (PING), which undertakes privacy reviews of Web standards to mitigate privacy risks and to embed in their design. She was a principal contributor via the drafting committee for the Privacy Principles for Mobility Data ( endorsed by NUMO, NABSA, the OMF and other mobility organizations. With a background in regulatory litigation and an International outlook, Christine complements her security and privacy expertise with a deep appreciation of technology.


Contributions by Christine Runnegar

  • Member of Privacy Engineering Section Advisory Board 2022 - 2023