Helen Graham



Group Chief Privacy Officer

Helen Graham is currently the Group Chief Privacy Officer for Shell.

Helen started her career as a criminal defense solicitor in Preston, Lancashire. She then became a Legal Counsel at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) working on the Milosevic prosecution team. As part of this role Helen spent a year living and working in Kosovo as the legal liaison between the ICTY and the UN International Police.

Following this Helen changed career and started work as an IT Legal Counsel at Shell. She initially specialized in data privacy and cryptography and has worked as the Group Chief Privacy Officer since 2013.

At Shell, Helen has implemented a strategic and comprehensive group wide global privacy program built on Binding Corporate Rules that defines, develops, maintains and implements policies and processes that enable consistent, effective privacy practices which minimize risk and ensure the protection of personal data at the appropriate level. She is a transformational leader focused on data ethics as well as data compliance.


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