Lukas Helminger




Lukas Helminger is co-founder and co-CEO of TACEO, a university spin-off specializing in privacy enhancing technologies (PETs). Before founding TACEO, he was a cryptography researcher at the Ministry of Defense (Austria) and later in the cryptography and privacy group at Graz University of Technology (where he was also a lecturer). Lukas focused on real-world applications of PETs, in particular on the legal aspects and implications of various privacy technologies, which led to the first academic publication focusing on Secure Multiparty Computation with respect to GDPR. He also completed a University Program in data protection at the Faculty of Law at the University of Graz. Lukas holds a degree in applied mathematics with a minor in computer science.


Contributions by Lukas Helminger

  • What Do You Mean by Anonymization? An Exemplary Legal & Tech Conversation
    Speaker at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2023