Sean Cottrell



Co-founder and CEO

Sean Cottrell is the co-founder and CEO of LawInSport, the world's "go to resource" for sports law, a knowledge hub and educational platform for a global community of 30,000+ people working in or with an interest in sport and the law. It serves lawyers, sports executives and administrators, athletes, students and academics. Cotrell is often asked to interview speakers, moderate or chair seminars, workshops and conferences. Cottrell is a guest lecturer at a number of universities covering a variety of topics related to sports law, entrepreneurship, personal and career development.

LawInSport plays a key role in the development of domestic and international sports law, policy and regulation. In addition to publishing high-quality legal articles, LawInSport hosts podcasts, webinars, conferences and training courses. In 2018, LawInSport launched a recruitment division and has helped hundreds of sports teams, agencies, tech and media organisations and international law firms find talented lawyers to join their organisations.

LawInSport is committed to creating an inclusive culture in our sector. It runs a global Mentoring Scheme that has supported 180 mentees from 25 countries since its launch in 2019, and an annual international Sports Law Arbitration Moot (SLAM).

Members of LawInSport include international sports federations, such as FIFA, AFC, World Athletics, FIA, FIM, The English Football Association, EFL, Indian Super League, 50 Premier League, EFL and LaLiga clubs, and many of world's leading sports law firms, barrister chambers and academic institutions.