Marie-Charlotte Roques-Bonnet


ID Side for Good


I am French and do live close to Paris. Since being a mother, I am driven by diversity & inclusion and I appreciate how lucky I am to be both living in a “start-up nation” (France) and working for a better digital world. During almost 20 years, I have been striving to study, teach, implement and keep knowing more about data protection and digital fundamental rights in practice.

In a nutshell, my interest into Digital Regulation does not start with the jobs I had to help regulate Big Tech practices, nor with the GDPR itself. It dates back (I’m afraid!) to the time I completed my Ph.D. in Public Communication Law on "The Constitution and the Internet" -and I redrafted such work so that it would become a French mainstream book on the topic (« Can the Law ignore digital revolution? »). Three years ago, the start-up I created (called ID side was just part of another journey for me to help better regulating digital habits in few clicks. More than a job, “Privacy & Digital” is somehow part of my life and something I strive to deliver on, at the same time as raising my 2 boys, gardening, cooking a bit and having fun with family & friends in post-Covid-19 era… Quite a challenge!

But also the evidence, that, after working for Amazon (as Head of the Privacy & Security Policy for 2 years) and for Microsoft (as Director of EMEA Privacy Policy for 5) and being an ad hoc consultant for forward-looking companies (Meta, Neom), I am definitely thrilled to be joining new challenging projects and participate to highly motivated teams’ efforts, notably to support a better Data Protection Engineering that might help the world’s leading projects to rely on privacy-friendly technology! 



Contributions by Marie-Charlotte Roques-Bonnet

  • Member of Privacy Engineering Section Advisory Board 2023 - 2024