Chelsea Cannon


Association of Native Child and Family Services Agencies of Ontario

Privacy Business Lead

Chelsea Cannon currently serves as the Privacy Business Lead at the Association of Native Child and Family Services Agencies of Ontario (ANCFSAO). In this capacity, she provides privacy support and promotes cybersecurity awareness to 13 member Indigenous child and family well-being agencies. Chelsea is committed to decolonizing approaches by collaborating with First Nation, Inuit and Metis communities ensuring that systems and protocols adhere to OCAP® principles and Indigenous data sovereignty, and integrating Indigenous worldviews fulsomely. Despite the challenges of operating within a provincial government framework that does not inherently recognize these principles, Chelsea adeptly balances federal and provincial privacy regulations with Indigenous community rights. Her advocacy for systemic changes to better serve member agencies and Indigenous children and families, specifically regarding data collection, utilization, and security, is a crucial aspect of her role.

With a Bachelor of Arts (honours) in Criminology and Criminal Justice, a Graduate Certificate in Youth Justice and Interventions, authorization as a Child Protection Worker, and ongoing pursuit of her CIPM certification, Chelsea's diverse background contributes to her passion for privacy work. She is dedicated to expanding her knowledge and skills to benefit the communities she serves and lives in. Beyond her expertise as the Privacy Business Lead at ANCFSAO, Chelsea embodies a collaborative spirit and a commitment to decolonization efforts. Chelsea's advocacy for systemic changes to support Indigenous communities underscores her dedication to social justice and equity. As an ally to Indigenous agencies and communities, she amplifies their voices and works diligently to address their needs and concerns within the child welfare sector.


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