Yanhong Yin


VUB-LSTS, Researchers / Scientific Collaborators


Yin Yanhong is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Law and Criminology of VUB. Her PhD project is on European arrest warrants and the system of surrender for fugitive offenders between Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. 

Before joining VUB, she was a researcher in Luxembourg and attended to Cambridge University as exchange student and University of California, Los Angeles as visiting researcher. During her time at Cambrigde University, she participed in the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crimes twice and chaired a workshop on combating economic crime.

At the time of enrollment as PhD candidate at VUB, she has published two articles relating to European arrest warrants and the Puigdemont Case in leading Chinese journals, one on a comparative study between European arrest warrant and the Amendment Bill of Hong Kong Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, which has also been accepted by one leading EU journal. 

Her research interest is on extradition, EU criminal law, Chinese and Hong Kong Criminal law, human rights protection.


Contributions by Yanhong Yin