Trevor Fenton, CIPP/E, CIPM


Plain English Law

Managing Director, Barrister & Solicitor

A native of Ottawa, Trevor Fenton is a solicitor (lawyer) qualified in British Columbia, Scotland, and England & Wales. He’s the founder of privacy and business law firm Plain English Law ( in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Plain English Law’s mission is to rid the world of legalese and bafflegab. They work with small and mid-sized businesses up and down the UK, in Canada, and across the world.

As both a business adviser and a lawyer, Trevor has a keen practical understanding of small and medium-sized businesses: three years as finance director of a small international firm, nearly five years as the head of the in-house legal team at a rapidly growing Scottish multinational, and two terms as a non-executive director with Modo, Vancouver’s car-sharing cooperative.

What’s the nicest thing you could say to Trevor? Try: “You don’t talk like a lawyer.” Or, “This doesn’t look like a lawyer wrote it.”

Away from his desk, Trevor loves being outdoors, especially playing golf.


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