Estela Aranha


Federal Government of Brazil; Member of the United Nations High-level Advisory Body on AI, United Nations

State Secretary, Digital Rights, Ministry of Justice and Public Security

Estela Aranha is the Special Advisor to the Minister of Justice and Public Security at the Federal Government of Brazil. In her role, she spearheads the formulation of digital rights policies, encompassing the regulation and protection of rights in the digital realm, addressing legal, ethical, and political complexities arising from emerging technologies, particularly focusing on digital platforms and Artificial Intelligence. She was a member of the Commission of Jurists for the Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in the Brazilian Federal Senate, conducting their work throughout 2022, and presently holds a position as a member of the Federal Senate's Commission of Jurists tasked with updating the Brazilian Civil Code to accommodate new technologies. With over two decades of experience as a lawyer, Estela Aranha previously held the position of President of the Special Commission on Data Protection at both the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) and the Bar Association of Rio de Janeiro (OAB-RJ). Additionally, she is pursuing her master's degree and conducting research at the Center for the Study of Law, Internet, and Society (CEDIS-IDP).