Montana National Guard

Army Staff Judge Advocate

Phil Lowry began practicing privacy law when in private practice he advised physicians on a new health care law called HIPAA. Working in both the public and private sectors, he has become one of the National Guard's preeminent advisers on information security and privacy in the context of government assistance to incident response. He was general counsel to an NGO exfiltrating Aghans who had assisted the US after the Taliban regained control, being responsible for a digital "Schindler's List" that required state of the art security and privacy controls. He now practices information security law full time at Remitly, where he also advises generally on third party risk controls and monitoring. He is also a team lead for a volunteer NIST Privacy Framework working group charged with making that framework more usable to the workforce.


Contributions by PHILLIP LOWRY

  • Member of CIPM Exam Development Board 2023 - 2025