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  • "For most nonprofit organizations, web and social network sites are your “face” to the world. It’s where people find out who you are, what you do and what services you offer; it’s a place where you get your message out and differentiate yourself from other organizations; and, it’s a place to receive donations (for many nonprofits, it is their primary source for receiving funding).

    In this training, you will learn what “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service” provisions are and about the need for having a Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Service as part of your website, and the reputation-risk issues, legal requirements, and key elements to consider for both. We will also discuss the increasing privacy expectations of donors and clients, and best practices on proper handling of their information. This training will provide you with practical information to assess and reduce your donor and client data and privacy risks."

    IAPP member pricing:    Cost: $30 Nonprofit Staff and Board; $100 General Admission, including attorneys with CLE Credit, $80 Wayfind volunteer attorneys, and $60 Special Sponsorship price for attorneys who are affiliated with Wayfind "Champion" or "Change Maker" Level Sponsor.

  • The Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection's second annual Conference will bring together experienced government officials, in-house counsel, business executives, cyber insurance leaders, litigators, information security officers and privacy managers to discuss current developments and best practices in cybersecurity and privacy protection. The conference is aimed at identifying innovative strategies that integrate legal, managerial and technical approaches to managing cyber and privacy risks.

    Join us to connect and engage with leading experts who will address cyber and privacy risk-management strategies, regulatory compliance, civil litigation following high-profile data breaches, law enforcement cooperation and information-sharing models, incident-response and cyber-risk insurance.

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  • About the Meeting

    Held at the New York Marriott Marquis, this is a new two-day conference offering intensive education for senior in-house counsel on three tracks: Practical Strategies for Effective Contracts, Employment Law Challenges & Solutions and Financial Services Regulatory & Technology Pulse.

    Attendee Profile

    The meeting is geared towards in-house lawyers from North America with five or more years of in-house experience, particularly those in the financial sector, and those whose practices focus on employment law, contracts and technology.

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  • How do you set compliance priorities at a time of regulatory and legal uncertainty?  That’s the question facing communications and technology companies today.  Whether you are a telecommunications or VoIP provider, an Internet Service Provider, or an Internet of Things entrepreneur, 2017 is turning out to be a time of rapid regulatory change in the realm of privacy and data security.
    In March, the FCC’s new Republican leadership stayed a portion of the agency’s new data security regulation that would have required “reasonable security measures” be taken to protect certain types of customer data.  Based on this news, it would be easy to get the impression that data security is no longer a regulatory priority.  Quite to the contrary, numerous other laws and regulatory agencies require your company to protect data and customer privacy.  And just around the corner, the E.U. is preparing to enforce the new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), with significant penalties for non-compliance that are not to be ignored.
    At The CommLaw Group, we’ve heard from numerous clients who have questions on how to proceed with new FCC privacy rules, with FTC privacy and data security requirements, and with regulatory challenges posed when providing services across borders, especially in both the U.S. and E.U.  We’ve also heard questions about CPNI rules – whether to still follow the rules or whether to abandon CPNI protection practices.  We’ll start with the basics in our webinar – what rules apply to your business – but then we’ll delve into the key issues you need to be thinking about regardless of any deregulatory agenda you hear about in the news.
    We will provide your company with practical advice about what responsible privacy and data security looks like today, and suggest tools and resources your company can use now to comply with data security and privacy responsibilities.  Crucially, the webinar will emphasize the entire spectrum of laws and regulations out there, not just those slated to be rolled back at this time of promised deregulation.
    Join Attorneys Linda McReynolds, Ronald Quirk, and Alexander Schneider from The CommLaw Group on April 6th, to learn more about all the applicable privacy and data security rules that apply to communications and Internet of Things businesses.  Our goal is to provide critical information you need to know when making key decisions on your privacy and data security practices.  We welcome your questions, which you can submit using the registration link.

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  • The University of Amsterdam’s Institute for Information Law (IViR) announces the 5th IVIR Summer Course on Privacy Law and Policy. The course will focus on privacy law and policy related to the Internet, electronic communications and online and social media.  It will explore the broader trends and recent developments in this rapidly changing field and explain how businesses, governments and other stakeholders can achieve their goals within it. The course will feature a distinguished faculty of European and US academics, regulators and practitioners who will investigate the EU and US legal frameworks and how they operate together. Participants will acquire the essential knowledge necessary to navigate privacy law and policy for online services that operate in the EU and the US. The seminar format promotes interaction among participants and faculty, and incorporates a range of practical exercises to apply the knowledge.
    Enrollment is limited to 25 participants.

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  • The Brussels Privacy Hub is proud to announce the 2nd European Data Protection Law Summer School, which will take place between 26 - 30 June 2017. Building on the success of the inaugural 2016 session, and under the title ‘The GDPR is Now’, the 2nd European Data Protection Law Summer School will equip participants to deal with the many challenges that lie ahead when the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force in May 2018. This practical dimension will be combined with a more general exploration of the evolving global and European privacy landscape, with a particular emphasis on transatlantic issues, and current policy debates (including the ongoing review of the EU E-Privacy Directive).

    The Brussels Privacy Hub’s European Data Protection Law Summer School has a marked multi-stakeholder character, and allows participants to network with the principal EU data protection institutions and actors in Brussels. Teaching staff will consist of leading academics in EU data protection law, public and private legal practitioners, and representatives of key EU institutions.

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  • The 2017 Congress is your opportunity to explore leading issues at the crossroads of privacy, access, security, law and technology.  Network with peers and colleagues from industry and government. Get a clearer view of how privacy, access, security, law and technology intersect, why that matters to you and your organization, and discover what you need to meet your compliance obligations in A World of Change.

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  • Privacy and data security issues continue to be primary concerns for every industry. They are now key issues for every client and attorneys should be familiar with the general privacy principles and laws that apply in order to properly guide clients in any industry. This session will provide an overview of the hottest issues in privacy and data security law, including recent legislative and regulatory developments; security breaches, internal information security programs, digital marketing; big data and online tracking; international concerns and practical guidance to help any organization better manage its information gathering, dissemination and use practices.

    IAPP member pricing: IAPP members will receive a “member” discount, even though they are not members of the NYCBA.  The cost depends on a person’s job, and is as follows:

     Outside firm - $229

    In-House Counsel - $149

    Small Firm: $119

    govt/academics - $115


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  • Learn about cyber security and data privacy from professionals in the field, including discussion on current threats; best practices for protecting company operations and information; and compliance issues. 

    • What current threats does Homeland Security encounter and what advice do they offer? Hear
      from Earl Rose, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Office, Kentucky Intelligence
      Fusion Center.
    • Who are the enemies and “bad actors” and how are they infiltrating our systems? What can you do to fight an attack? Hear from Michael Graven at CrowdStrike, the company that discovered and worked on the DNC hack by the Russians.
    • “Oh no, my computer screen has a ransom note!” What should you do to try to prevent your company from being attacked by ransomware? What do you do if your company has been attacked by ransomware? Hear what forensics experts and legal counsel have to say about their experiences helping clients and how a good, regularly updated incident response plan with a section on ransomware attacks can save time, reduce the headaches and protect your organization.
    • Have you done due diligence on vendors who have access to your company’s confidential information? Hear from a security consultant on vendor screening and from legal counsel on important vendor contractual provisions.
    • Is your company’s website in compliance? Hear from legal counsel on how to reduce the risk that a state or federal enforcement agency will knock on your door.
    • What is happening in the realms of the “internet of things” and cloud computing? Hear from a networking consultant on best practices for structuring your organization’s networks for the best security and privacy.
    • What changes in laws and regulations related to data privacy and security impact your business? What are some “best practices” for boards of directors and individuals? Get the latest from legal counsel on legal developments and best practices.

    It is not a question of “if” your company will have a data breach, but “when” it will happen.  Will you be prepared?

    View the full agenda.

    Register now, and learn about the elements of a good data security plan, how to know if you’ve had a breach, how to respond to a breach and how you can minimize the financial risk. 

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  • Highly Rated Event Designed for Attorneys and Focused on Real-World Learning and Practical Application

    • Useful, Relevant, and Actionable Content, Designed for Lawyers and Privacy Professionals
    • 18 Session Topics Map to the Latest Issues and Developments
    • Highly Valued Perspectives from Experienced Local and National Experts
    • Attend One or Both Days, Whatever Your Schedule Allows
    • Expert Voices Offer Highly Valued Local and National Perspectives

    o    Kenesa Ahmad
    Women in Security and Privacy; San Francisco

    o    Brian L. Hengesbaugh
    Baker & McKenzie LLP; Chicago

    o    William McGeveran
    University of Minnesota Law School; Minneapolis

    o    Lisa J. Sotto
    Hunton & Williams LLP; New York City

    o    Matthew Wernz
    Federal Trade Commission Midwest Region; Chicago

    o    And many more in-house, private practice, and government agency practitioners

    • Useful Materials and Bonus Resources
      The benefits of attending the Conference extend beyond two days in January. You’ll leave with useful take-home materials and practice-enhancing resources to help keep all the important details at your fingertips:

    o    High-Quality Course Materials

    PLUS, As a Bonus –

    o    A NEW Minnesota CLE Legal QuickSheet™:
    Checklist/Questionnaire for Vendor Security Issues

    o    A NEW Minnesota CLE Summary Guide™:
    FAQ on Handling Privacy and Data Security Concerns for Websites and Apps

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  • This sympsium brings together women in cyber and health IT,  from private sector and public sector, to discuss how to better secure medical devices and health records from hackers.  We will talk about the risks, fixes, and possible innovations, regarding patient safety and protection of patients' data. We also address ways in which we can bring more women into the field.  Some of Cybersecurity's most influential experts will be giving their thoughts on how to better protect patients' safety and data from hackers.

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  • Cyber risk impacts every element of your organization – and even the most brilliant information security expertise must be supported by a cross-functional cybersecurity structure and culture to succeed. Cybersecurity: The Leadership Imperative will provide case studies and actionable insights on building and maintaining a structure in which leaders across the organization are able to work together seamlessly to comprehend, measure and respond to cyber risk challenges.

    Benefits of Attending:

    • Collaborate and problem-solve with peers within and across functions
    • Take back actionable guidance for building a cyber risk governance structure across your organization
    • Gain insights through interactive cross-functional cybersecurity war game exercises
    • Understand what board members and the C-Suite need to hear on cybersecurity
    • Learn strategies for aligning culture and incentives with your organization’s cybersecurity mission

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  • For decades, information security functions have fought for the responsibility to monitor the flow of information through the organization, in paper and digital formats, throughout its entire life cycle, and to determine the existence and accuracy of data classification. This effort has largely been successful. However, if all data flows through security’s filters, it is incumbent upon security professionals to implement the proper controls to ensure personal data is properly collected for its intended use, either to own that responsibility or, at a minimum, to flag potential issues for compliance, marketing and privacy functions. These types of considerations are new to many in the security profession, and this situation is creating an environment rife with blind spots. In this session, we’ll explore the top blind spots and how to mitigate them. Be sure to join on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 1 ET

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  • Unknown

    The almost universal failure of organizations to protect "crown jewel" knowledge assets in a time of targeted cyber-attacks on those assets is soon to end due to a new annual survey that is exposing that failure. The study's authors, featuring leading cybersecurity and privacy researcher Larry Ponemon, first summarize epic vulnerabilities, prioritization failures and communication gaps revealed by the survey. Then they offer a detailed six-point framework to address those finding and the expanded portfolio for lawyers seeking to protect their clients' most important assets in the information age.

    Current Section Members: Free
    Non-Section Members: $25 (If you join the section for $25 before or at the event, the event is also free.)
    Guests: $25
    Students: $5

    Hors d'oeuvres, drinks and parking are included in the cost of the event.

    Click hereto register. Registration will close on Monday, Jan. 23.

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