IAPP Facts

The privacy profession plays a critical role in society

  • Data is one of the most precious resources in our global information economy; it is the fuel that drives commerce and culture and redefines how we connect and engage with the world around us. 
  • Privacy professionals are the stewards of trust in the global information economy.
  • These are business and cultural cases for taking privacy seriously.
  • Threats to privacy are evolving rapidly and the stakes are high.
  • Privacy professionals help protect all manner of data from loss or misuse.
  • Privacy professionals are playing an increasingly strategic role in their organizations.

The IAPP exists to define and support the privacy profession globally

  • As the information economy continues to explode, companies must balance the potential privacy risks with the opportunities to extract great value from the data.
  • Central to managing this issue is the need for an organization to have the expertise in its workforce to identify potential problem areas before they become an issue.
  • IAPP members benefit from sharing ideas, challenges and best practices across diverse outlets and venues.
  • Education and certification are central to a privacy professional’s development—the IAPP’s CIPP, CIPM and CIPT certification programs are globally recognized as the industry benchmark.
  • IAPP events, such as the annual Global Privacy Summit, Privacy Academy and IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress and IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium, offer unsurpassed educational and networking opportunities for privacy professionals at all stages in their careers.

The IAPP’s worldwide presence and growth are significant

  • The IAPP has seen over 20 percent average growth over the past three years.
  • There are more than 30,000 IAPP members across 100 countries.
  • The IAPP is well-known and universally respected by regulators and the industry as a key convener of privacy conversations working to advance the profession, providing an agnostic platform for debates and discussions to play out.
  • Strategic alliances (e.g., GDD in Germany; AFCDP in France) a regional affiliate (IAPP Australia New Zealand) and international divisions (IAPP Canada and IAPP Europe) show an expanding global footprint.
  • Collaboration across borders yields more effective approaches to privacy.