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As a privacy professional, you already understand how privacy training can make your organization even more effective. The next step is convincing your organization’s leadership of the importance of widespread data privacy knowledge throughout the enterprise.

Here are some of the critical points to help you start a conversation and make the case.

THE Case for Privacy Training

  • Training staff now can reduce the risk of a data breach. Education plays a critical role in preventing privacy incidents. Training your team improves decision-making among employees who handle data and makes privacy protection a shared objective.
  • Improve the compliance of the entire organization. Privacy training establishes a common vocabulary and an aligned approach across business, legal and IT departments.
  • Training can make your organization more intelligent and cost-effective. Within every organization there is a need to understand privacy requirements in technology. With IAPP training, you can apply privacy concepts and practices early in product development and engineering efforts, rather than making costly fixes later.
  • Baking privacy in early can make your organization more intelligent and cost-effective. If and when a breach happens, having privacy trained staff demonstrates your organization’s commitment to customers, partners, regulators and staff.
  • You’ll demonstrate accountability and due diligence. The knowledge gained ensures that staff know how to identify privacy issues and when to elevate questions to privacy and IT leaders. 

Finally, it’s convenient. Our elite IAPP Professional Privacy Faculty can deliver training on-site, at your convenience. Complete course outlines are available online.

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