Florida bill introduces data breach immunity for entities meeting industry cybersecurity standards

(Apr 2, 2024) Florida's legislature passed a bill providing, under certain conditions, immunity to companies that suffer a data breach. Florida's Cybersecurity Incident Li... Read More

Utah revises data breach notification privacy law

(Mar 29, 2024) Utah lawmakers updated the Utah Protection of Personal Information Act and the Utah Technology Governance Act with amendments that include data breach notifi... Read More

CISA releases cyberattack reporting regulations

(Mar 28, 2024) The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency released cyberattack reporting rules for companies that operate critical infrastructure, The Wall S... Read More

Global AI Governance Law and Policy: UK

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Op-ed: Digital currency paves the way for financial surveillance

(Mar 26, 2024) In an op-ed with The Hill, U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Minn., said digital currency systems such as Bitcoin could lead to the government's ability to monitor Amer... Read More

OCR reminds providers of HIPAA rules for online tracking

(Mar 19, 2024) The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights released a bulletin updating guidance for covered entities' use of online tracking ... Read More

US senators, health care groups clash over cybersecurity regulations

(Mar 18, 2024) A group of U.S. senators is trying to impose mandatory cybersecurity regulations on health care groups after UnitedHealth Group experienced a Read More

European Parliament passes landmark AI Act

(Mar 13, 2024) The EU Artificial Intelligence Act was approved by European Parliament 13 March on a 523-46 vote. Despite the passage, the EU's ne... Read More

Privacy Sandbox faces challenges with competition markets

(Mar 13, 2024) Google's Privacy Sandbox is facing challenges from competition advocates looking to halt the sandbox due to its current antitrust trials, Digiday reports. "A... Read More

Navigating Government Access to Private Data in the EU

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