Looking back at privacy's standing at CES 2019

(Jan 18, 2019) The Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone, and thanks in part to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, privacy had a much more notable presence at this year's show. While panelists and startups placed a stronger emphasis on privacy this year, conference attendees still focused primarily on the dazzling technologies on display. In this post for Privacy Tech, IAPP Associate Editor Ryan Chiavetta, CIPP/US, looks back at his time in Las Vegas to analyze the potential privacy divide betwee... Read More

Advocacy groups release proposal for new data protection agency

(Jan 18, 2019) A coalition of advocacy groups has released a proposal to create a federal data protection agency to regulate businesses’ use of personal data, ABC News reports. The new agency would supplant the Federal Trade Commission in terms of enforcement capabilities. "Privacy advocates are fed up with the FTC and with Washington failing to reign in the immense power the big data giants hold," Center for Digital Democracy Executive Director Jeffrey Chester said. The groups’ proposal clashes with the Infor... Read More

Calif. privacy pros ask lawmakers for CCPA improvements

(Jan 18, 2019) A group of California-based privacy professionals has sent a letter to the state’s senators and assemblymembers to express their concerns with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. The letter highlights six areas of the law they believe need improvement, such as its inconsistencies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, compliance costs for small businesses, “overbroad” statuary definitions, and areas where the law “counterproductively undermines consumer privacy.” The group writ... Read More

Schrems accuses streaming services of GDPR violations

(Jan 18, 2019) Fortune reports privacy activist Max Schrems and his group None Of Your Business have filed complaints to Austria’s data protection authority alleging eight streaming services are in violation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Schrems and NOYB accuse the companies, which include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple Music, SoundCloud and Spotify, of failing to provide all the customer data necessary when an individual makes a data subject access request under Article 15. “Many services set up... Read More

CES 2019: Did the tech hype surpass privacy concerns this year?

(Jan 18, 2019) CES 2019 has come and gone, and I've flown back from a perfectly comfortable Las Vegas to a chilly New England that's about to get walloped by a mountain of snow. After taking in as much of the conference as I could, it feels like where privacy stood at CES is an accurate representation of how privacy may be a priority for a growing number of companies and industry professionals, but not necessarily for your average Joe. Tech companies and startups are becoming more aware about the importance o... Read More

Sen. Markey calls for privacy protections before FAA loosens drone rules

(Jan 18, 2019) Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., has called for stronger privacy protections to be enacted before the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration loosens rules around the use of commercial drones, Multichannel News reports. The FAA seeks to no longer require waivers for flights at night and over groups of people. Markey said Congress needs to act before the agency makes any alterations to drone guidelines. “Privacy cannot be an afterthought as the FAA seeks to make it easier and safer for commercial drones to ... Read More

Acxiom voices support for federal US privacy law

(Jan 18, 2019) After Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed data brokers specifically in an op-ed calling for federal U.S. privacy regulation, Acxiom responded with a statement of support, Fast Company reports. As one of the largest data brokers, Acxiom stated that the company “supports a national privacy law for the U.S., such as [the General Data Protection Regulation] provides for the European Union,” noting, “We believe it would be universally beneficial if we were able to work with Apple and other industry leaders ... Read More

A look at the Trudeau government's actions on privacy and security, and what's still possible

(Jan 18, 2019) When Canada’s federal Parliament resumes sitting Jan. 28, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will have less than nine months until the next federal election. In this Privacy Tracker post, Timothy Banks, CIPP/C, CIPM, CIPT, considers how the Liberal government has fared on some key cybersecurity, privacy and intelligence-gathering issues since taking power and what might be accomplished before the next election. Will the government make good on its 2015 campaign promise to fix former Prime Minister St... Read More

Privacy concerns surround streamed video of newborn seized from Winnipeg hospital

(Jan 18, 2019) CBC News reports on a situation in which a video was posted of child welfare officials who seized a newborn child from Winnipeg’s St. Boniface Hospital. The uncle of the mother streamed the incident as Winnipeg Child and Family Services officials took the child. Fearless R2W Coordinator Mary Burton said the video could expose the family to judgment from viewers who do not know the circumstances behind the moment; however, she notes it can also shine a light on these types of seizures. Manitoba’s... Read More

Nova Scotia transportation department will not fulfill Tully's request on ferry operator's fees

(Jan 18, 2019) The Nova Scotia Opposition Progressive Conservatives party wrote in a letter the Transportation Department will not fulfill a request made by Privacy Commissioner Catherine Tully on the management fees and bonuses paid to the private operator of a ferry that travels from Yarmouth to Maine, the Vancouver Sun reports. Deputy Minister Paul LaFleche said the department has no plans to honor Tully’s inquiry. “There is a legitimate public interest in protecting the confidential commercial information ... Read More