Effective risk mitigation for AI and LLMs

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Canadians have 'right to be forgotten' on Google, court rules

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FTC, CFPB urge reversal of FCRA misrepresentation decision

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Performant risk mitigation for AI and LLMs

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A view from DC: FTC prepares for commissioner appointments, potential bipartisanship

(Sep 29, 2023) The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is one step closer to returning to a full slate of commissioners after nomination hearings took place in the Senate last we... Read More

PCLOB's FISA Section 702 report suggests contentious reauthorization fight

(Sep 29, 2023) The 3-2 vote along party lines to release the U.S. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board's report on the effectiveness of Section 702 of the Foreign In... Read More

The IAPP's top 5 most-read articles for the week of 25 Sept. 2023

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A view from DC: FTC closer to full commissioner bench

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OPC addresses parliamentary committee on C-27; opposing party wants amendments

(Sep 29, 2023) Privacy Commissioner of Canada Philippe Dufresne addressed members of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Innovation and Technology on Bill C-27 28 Se... Read More

PCLOB report further divides FISA Section 702 reauthorization talks

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